Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Santa Claus comed to my house and bringed presents for me and my humans and I was a very excited little pussy cat. I had a brilliant Christmas Day and I hope your day was very good as well.

I got lots of cuddles and I got a very special mouse from my friend J. and I have played with that lots of times so thank you very much J. I love my peedie mouse. Santa left me a special stocking with toys in it as well as lots of things to put in my adorable little tummy so that made me very happy indeed. Even the weather was good for me and I got out to play lots of times, so my Christmas was very good indeed.

There was snow on my little island today but just for a little while. It stayed on long enough for me to go outside and get all covered in it and by the time I decided to go home again I was absolutely soaking and it tooked my DH nearly two towels to make me dry again, but I was happy 'cos I like the snow.

So, you can see that I had a very good Christmas and I hope you did too.

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