Saturday, 30 June 2012

Now here's funny thing

Me and my MH wakened up very early at four o'clock this morning and when we looked out of the window, all the world had disappeared and everything was just white! I couldn't even see my gate! My MH said it was like living in the middle of a big marshmallow!

So, we just went back to sleep and when we wakened up again, the marshmallow had gone away and my world was back again. I wonder if we eated our way out of the big marshmallow when we were sleeping?

I have been out playing a lot today and I went down to see the mummy cows with their babies but they didn't need any water 'cos it had been raining yesterday and their tub was still full. So I just had a wee chat with them instead.

While I was exploring, my MH went into the gym and did her wee leg exercises. It's not the exercises that are wee---it's her legs!! Hee hee :))

Then in the afternoon, my friend S. came to see me and she picked me up and tickled my tummy and I liked that very much so I purred loudly for her and that made her laugh. I was quite tired after that, so I just lay down on my sheepskin rug and had a nap, and she thought I looked adorable.

And now that you have seen today's picture, I know you will agree.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Can you see me thinking?

My MH says she can! We have a wee porch outside my front door and there is a wee wall there too that I sit on quite often when I am watching the cows or the sheeps, but one day I am going to jump up from there on to the top of the porch, and my MH says that in this picture she can see me trying to work out how I can do it.

I might get up, but I am not sure how I would get down again! Maybe my DH would need to come up for me, so I think I will need to give this a lot more thought.

I don't have a lot to tell you today 'cos I haven't been doing much 'cos we have had a lot of rain today. I did go into the gym with my MH but when it started raining hard, I decided I would be better off lying on my couch, so I just nipped back in the window and left her to get on with her exercises all by herself.

I have been watching the tennis and I am so upset that Raffa got knocked out 'cos he is my very favourite, but I s'pose we will keep watching. I will need to pick another favourite---but just for this year, 'cos Raffa will always be my VERY favourite!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Wet Day...

.... with lots of rain, which means I have been inside all day just sleeping. I didn't even get to go into the gym with my MH 'cos it was too wet for me to venture out, but she told me all about it when she came in again.

We did lots of work in my house and my MH has bought a new blue mop which I had great fun playing with and chasing it around the floors as my MH was trying to clean them. I think I cleaned the floors more than the mop did!

Then we played with a blanket box which goes under the bed and my humans got a new one, so they were changing all the stuff from one to another, and they had a wee bit of difficulty 'cos I got into the box before they could put anything in to it, and I didn't want to come out again, but eventually my DH gave me a helping hand!

Me and my MH went outside for a while last night 'cos I like going out and she decided to come with me and she took this picture of me as I was telling her all about my strawberries.

You will see that there are cages on them and my DH had to put these over the strawberries 'cos a certain wee pussycat had been using the lovely soft soil for doing something which wasn't very good to do on strawberries.

I wonder who that was and I wonder what that pussy cat was doing? Hee hee :))

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Something Different

We were having a quiet night last night and then my MH saw that the sky was lovely and so she decided to go outside and take some pictures, and naturally, I had to go with her to make sure she didn't do anything silly, and boy, what fun we had!

While she was taking her pictures, I danced around my garden and climbed my poles and ran and ran until my little legs were sore. My MH says she thinks I have a brilliant imagination 'cos I make up games to play and pretend I am a big brave hunter.

She took this picture of me just as I was about to pounce on an unsuspecting blade of grass and I think I look so wonderful in it. I like my action shots!

As we were going into my house, I asked my MH to take a picture of my little butterfly so that you could see it and here it is. I like it and I hope you do too.

I had a rest and then I went out to play again when it got late and I was out for hours and hours and hours, so today I have been sleeping, but I am about to go out and attack my neighbourhood again and see what is happening on my little island.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm in charge

Well, I WAS in charge but the Boss is home now and I am so exhausted with all the responsibility that I have to have a lie down!

My MH was away to Kirkwall today with some of the ladies from the island and she told me that I was to be in charge of my house and my DH. Now, being in charge of my house is easy, but being in charge of my DH......?? :)))

However, I worked very hard and we got on fine. We put out the washing which she had put in the washing machine before she went away on the boat, and I made sure it was hung on the rope properly as I watched from the top of my favourite clothes pole.

Then we did our own work in our greenhouse and we spent most of the rest of the day in the garden 'cos it has been hot, and it is just how I like it. My little weather man friend has done really well today and has given me beautiful weather.

My DH went to the boat to help my MH get her messages home and once they had packed everything away it was my special time and I sat on her knee and she told me all about her day and I told her what I had been doing and we were both very happy.

She brought home some new ornaments for my garden and maybe tomorrow I will ask her to take a picture of them so that you can see them. There are two birdies and a butterfly and they light up with the sun, but it is so light all the time just now, that we don't really see them working, but they are lovely.

I am resting now, but I shall attack the outside later on and I shall stay out very late 'cos my DH can leave the window open for me to come home whenever I feel like it.

And tomorrow I am not in charge, thank goodness. I am just an ordinary pussy cat, although a VERY adorable one! Hee hee :))

Monday, 25 June 2012

More Visitors

I have had a good day and even the weather has behaved itself. We have all been outside today and I have hardly been in, but I did have a visitor that I hadn't met before.

One of our neighbours came to see my MH and although I had seen her, I didn't really know her and I was pleased when she agreed with the rest of the world and thought I was adorable. BUT. She brought her daughter with her and this was something completely different for me 'cos this wee girl is only two and I am not used to babies.

However, I thought I would see what she was like and I wandered slowly to where she was standing, and naturally, she wanted to clap me, so I let her. ONCE!! She was not nearly as gentle as my humans and so when she tried to do it again, I scooted off under my couch and stayed there until she had gone away with her mummy. So I think from now on, I shall be a child-free pussy cat!

When the coast was clear, I reappeared in time to go down the path with my MH to water the cows and that was good fun as usual, and that is where today's picture was taken.

The nice man from next door, who is the wee girl's grand dad, came to see me and we had a wee chat while he was putting some more of his cows in the field next to my house and then I played while all the humans had a chat.

Soon it was time for my MH to cut my grass, and I have stopped complaining 'cos it is nice to lie on when she has cut it, so I just lay on my path and watched her and then we went into the gym.

I think her wee legs must be tired by now 'cos she has worked hard today. I will sit on her knee after my dinner and make sure she gets a rest.

I hope you have a wee rest too.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lazy, lazy day

There's not much happening in my little life today as the weather is still bad and I don't want to go outside for too long, so I have been playing with my toys in my house and having wee snoozes on my blanket and on my sheepskin rug.

I was a little bit naughty last night 'cos I wakened up very early---about one o'clock in the morning--- and I decided that since I had slept so much through the day, I was full of beans and I would just have my breakfast early and go out to play.

A simple plan, I thought, but there was just the littlest flaw in it---I couldn't waken my MH 'cos she had stayed up late and hadn't been in her bed that long! Oops! Well, I tried gently wakening her by purring rather loudly in her ear and that didn't work, so I even more gently walked on her face and that did the trick, although she did land on the top of my wardrobe at first!! Hee hee :)))

She gave me some biscuits and left the window open for me, but it was quite wet so I decided to stay inside, but I was lonely and wanted my MH to play with me and I kept trying to see if she was awake---which she was eventually! So you will have worked out that I am not flavour of the month today!!

We went into the gym for a while and I played while my MH did her exercises and then we played in the garden for a while and I rolled and rolled on my path and did some very fetching stretches.

After this, we went to see if the cows needed some water but 'cos there had been so much rain, their bath was still full, so we just said hello to them and went home again and I watched as my MH played on her Wii.

I think I had better go out tonight and get rid of all my energy 'cos if I distrurb my MH for two nights she has promised that will be the end of adorable Squeak, and I am taking no chances. :))

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Happy Pussy Cat

That's what I am. My humans have both been at home today and I have been the centre of their world, which is only as it should be.

The weather isn't very nice but it was good enough for a while to let us all go outside and play. My DH was burning rubbish so I don't go too near him when he is doing that, and my MH was in her wee gym, so I watched her for a while and then nipped out on the grass to chase flies and kill daisies until I was tired and then I went back in and sat on her chair until she was finished.

After that it was time to go and give some water to my cow friends and I made my MH laugh 'cos as we were going down to where the bath is, I flattened myself into the grass, then gave a squeak and bounced to the next bit of grass where I did the same thing all over again and I did this all the way down the path and my MH was laughing out loud at me, but I like that.

We had just finished this when the rain came on, so we all came inside and I decided to have a nap on my blanket on the back of my couch and that's what today's picture is. I hope you like it.

You won't notice, but I have a dirty nose and my MH is desperate to know where my nose has been to get so sooty, but of course, I can't tell her, but I think she knows it has been somewhere it shouldn't.

But that's what makes life so brilliant!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Nothing to Report

This is Friday and it is the day that my humans are like the man and woman on the weather thingy. MH goes on the half past eight boat but DH is still here. DH goes on the quarter to eleven boat and MH comes back with the twelve o'clock boat!

I didn't go out for too long last night 'cos it was too wet, but I have been in and out a lot today and then when my MH came home she gave me the string off the box of messages to play with and then when she was finished all her work, I sat on her knee and she told me all about her swimming and I liked to hear that, but I don't think that I will ever go swimming. It sounds like hard work.

I like the water though and I like to play in puddles. If my humans put water in the sink or in a basin, I tickle the water with my adorable little paw and I like that. AND! I do a funny thing with my drinking water which makes my humans laugh. Although it is just a normal sized water dish, when I am having a drink, I sit on the floor and I put my two front paws on the edge of the dish and then I put one of my paws in the dish and 'swish' the water towards my mouth. Beautiful!

My MH has tried to get a picture of me doing this, but she has never managed it yet. Maybe one day! My humans told me that they are having a very lazy weekend and that I shall have all their attention so I am looking forward to that.

I hope the weather is good so that we can all get out to play, and I hope your weather is good too so that you can go out to play if you want to.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Wee Joke

It has been raining today so we haven't been out too much, but me and my MH did go down to put some water into the bath for the cows and when we were there the nice farmer from next door came down to talk to us, and he asked me what I was doing.

I told him we were watering his cows and he stared to laugh and told me that all the farmers he knows MILK their cows!! We all had a big giggle at this 'cos it was very funny.

I helped my MH make a curry for our dinner tonight and she gave me some beef which I gobbled up 'cos it was very good and it gives pussy cats a shiny coat and lots of muscles.

And because I didn't want to go to play in the rain, my MH played with me in the house and this is a picture of me playing with my feather toy but it looks as though I am attacking my MH's foot, but I am too good a pussy cat to do that, although sometimes my adorable little claws stick into her feets by mistake and she has a wee scream 'cos it's sore.

I will probably go out tonight, but it will depend on whether the rain is too heavy or not. I shall have my dinner then a wee sleep and then a big think before I make up my mind.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Normal Day

I have recovered from all the trauma of yesterday and I am completely back to normal again. It wasn't too much trauma 'cos the vet lady was very nice, but I like to complain a wee bit and get lots of sympathy!

It has been a glorious day and I have been outside since seven o'clock this morning and I have had great fun. I did lots of sniffing, some rolling and lots and lots of just lying in the sun. When my MH gave me a cuddle she told me I was hot, and we had a giggle at that.

She took me down the lane to give my cow friends some water and 'cos this takes quite a long time, I played in the long grass and chased flies and things and generally had a lot of exercise and a lot of fun. I even had a wee think and it was while I was thinking, my MH took this picture.

Then I watched my MH playing on her Wii before I had my afternoon sleep. I will get my dinner soon and then I shall be off again for the evening and who knows what mischief I will get up to.

Oh yes, I am completely back to normal!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pussy Cat MOT

That's what I have had today! I wondered why my MH wouldn't let me out to play this morning, and now I know why. The vet was coming!

I got told this after I had eaten up my breakfast and my MH said that since the vet was coming over to see the cows on my island, she would come and see me too. This was fine, but I was a wee bit worried in case she thought I might be a cow too, but when she came into my house she knew right away that I was a pussy cat. It took her another minute or two before she noticed I was adorable!

She checked my little heart with her ear plug things, she looked at my teeths and she feeled all over my tummy and said I was perfect! Perfect AND adorable! Then she took out a ginormous needle and stucked it into me, and I didn't make a sound 'cos my MH was holding me and I didn't want to be a baby, so I was very brave and the vet told me that too. Perfect AND adorable AND brave!!!

When she went away, I got out to play and I rolled in the mud and lay on the grass until it was time for me and my MH to go and put the water out for the cows and that is when she took this picture of me for you. So this is what a perfect, adorable and brave pussy cat looks like!

Later in the afternoon we had some visitors and they made a big fuss of me which made me very happy. I will have a wee rest now and then I will go out to play later on 'cos I have a lot of news to tell all my friends tonight.

I can tell them that this perfect, adorable, brave pussy cat passed her MOT. I know they will be happy for me.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Life on the Edge

What a day I have had. It has been magic! I was up very early and my MH fed me at half past six and I went out to see what was happening on my little island. It was too early for my MH to stay up so she left the window open for me and went back to bed for a wee while.

I stayed out for ages and then when I went back home my humans were up and ready to start all their work. I went into our greenhouse with my DH while the vacuum cleaner ran around my living room. I have become resigned to the fact that the vacuum cleaner is a necessity, although we shall never be friends, but I shall tolerate that and the lawn mower.

Since it was a good day, my MH decided to wash all my blankets and make them all nice and fresh for me. I have lots of blankets that I like lying on. I have two on my couch---one on the seat and one on the back of the couch, and I have one on my bed which I love to play with as well as lie on. This is the blanket that I play hide and seek under and my MH wraps me up in it and cuddles me with it, so that is my favourite blanket.

I went outside with her to hang them up and as usual I ran straight up the clothes pole and my MH said she could pin me onto the rope beside my blankets if I wanted, but I decided I didn't want and scooted off again before she could catch me. I lay on the path for a while and found some lovely things to roll in, so that was good fun.

Then it was time to nip down the lane and give all my cow friends their water and while their bath was filling up, I played hide and seek in the grass with my MH and that was just the magicest thing ever 'cos the grass is long and she couldn't find me until I stuck my adorable little tail up in the air and waggled it for her. I made her laugh 'cos when I was exploring, I got a wee bit stuck and had to walk backwards for a while and she thought I looked funny doing this.

We finished up the afternoon with more exercises in the gym and then I had my little sleep on the back of my couch on top of a new blanket.

So you can see I have had a brilliant time and I still have all night to play yet. Yippee!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012


It's my picture on my blog today as I know you want to see me every day. I have had a good day and have been very busy. My humans have been working in my garden so I have had plenty to do.

I had some time to myself this morning and I played in the field beside the baby cows and that was good fun, but I have learned that I need to watch where I am putting my adorable little paws 'cos I discovered that cows don't have litter trays and the field can get just a tad messy---and stinky---so I now know to be VERY careful.

When my MH was in my house and I was outside all by myself, I pretended I was a bird and jumped up on the bird feeder, but she saw me and took this picture. I wonder why the birds didn't come. Do you think they might have known I wasn't a birdie?

The next thing I did was help my MH put out the washing and that means I have to climb all the clothes poles and make sure they are safe and I made sure quite a lot of times! Then I lay on the path while she brought out the lawn mower and cut all the grass, so all the daisies you can see in my picture have all disappeared now, but my grass looks lovely.

Then we went down the path to put some water in the bath for the cows and while we were waiting for the bath to fill up, a big cow came over to see us, but I wasn't frightened and I protected my MH too, although she reckons I should stand in front of her to protect her, and not behind, but I'll do it my way! Mind you, there is an electric fence between us and the cows, so we are safe anyway, but I like to show off a wee bit!

The nice farmer next door came to see us while we were doing that so we had a wee chat and he gave me a cuddle and I liked that. I am resting now until feeding time and after that I will help my MH bring in the washing and then I have the whole evening to myself.

I wonder what mischief I shall get up to?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nothing to report...

.... 'cos my humans had to go to Stromness for a meeting today and I have had the house all to myself.

I have had great fun playing with the sheeps and cows and nipping in and out of my window, and then I had to make sure that my house was all tidy before my humans
came back so I tidied up all my toys and had a little siesta.

I waited till I heard the car and then I wandered into my kitchen to wait for them 'cos I always get a special cuddle and today was no different.

My MH showed me a picture she took of a baby duck which she saw at the pier and I said she should put it on my blog, and being a good MH, she did what I asked.

I hope you like it. I will be back tomorrow!

Friday, 15 June 2012

A Quiet Life

I told you a wee while ago that I would probably spend most of my summer nights outside and that's just what I have been doing.

I play outside for a lot of the day time, but after my dinner I have a snooze either on my couch or on my rug or on my MH's knee and then I hit the bright lights at about ten o'clock at night and this morning I didn't come home until half past three! Even my DH was in his bed and snoring!

There aren't really any bright lights on my little island---I was just being poetic Hee hee :) There aren't any lights at all except the two lighthouses but there are no street lights. In the summer, it doesn't get dark at all so we don't need any lights, but in the winter it gets dark at about half past three in the afternoon and my humans take torches with them everywhere they go. Being an adorable pussycat with perfect eyesight, I don't need any torches 'cos I can see everything. I have a funny mark on one of my eyes and I have had it since I was being born, but nobody knows what it is. It doesn't hurt me or make me not see and I think it makes me mysterious and more interesting!

I am loving lying on my little sheepskin rug. I have had it since I came to my house, but it is only now that I have decided I really like it, much to the amusement of my humans. They can't figure out what goes on in my adorable little mind, and I have every intention of keeping it that way!

My MH was away swimming this morning and when she came back we played with all my toys, but just for a wee while 'cos I am saving all my energy for going out to see all the sheeps and cows and mouses and anything else that might be out there tonight.

Oh I do love exploring.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Magic Day

I have had one of the bestest days of my en-tire life and I have loved every single minute of it.

It was sunny and quite warm, so we were all outside for a long time. Me and my DH went into the greenhouse and I talked to my little tomatoes and we took two strawberries into my MH and she liked them a lot.

I was changing-the-beds day again, and you all know what that means? Yes, I get to play hide and seek with my MH while she is trying to put the clean covers on the duvet and at the same time trying to keep a very excited--and adorable--pussy cat OUT, and it is not an easy job, but we have great fun doing it anyway. When the duvets were washed, I helped my MH hang them out on the rope and I climbed all the clothes poles! We have three in my garden and I got to the top of each one of them and then I bounced all the way round my garden and even ended up sitting on top of the fence post in front of my living room window. I was full of LOTS of energy.

The nice farmer from next door came and moved some of his cows and I now have a baby cow in the field in front of my house and I can nip through the fence any time I like and have a play with it, so that is really good.

I was beginning to feel a wee bit tired by then, and when my MH's friend came in to see us, I just had a lie down on my sheepskin rug and a snooze and she thought I looked so adorable that she told my MH to take this picture and show everyone how cute I look.

I have lots of places I can go to sleep, but my favourite place is still on my MH's knee and I do that every night just after she has had her dinner and she likes that too.

Ah yes, I have had a brilliant day and I hope your day has been as good as mine.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Mixed Day

I have been playing and sleeping, I have been inside and outside. I have had company and have been left on my own and it has been sunny and raining too, so you can see that my day has been a bit mixed.

My DH was away to the Cat Protection shop and my MH goes out for a wee while on a Wednesday so I had a snooze while I was on my own, then I played with my MH when she came back and I sat on her knee while she told me what she had been doing.

I played outside until the rain came on and when I came back in, my MH was playing on her Wii and she decided that I should get weighed, so I had to go on it too. Now, I don't mind going on the Wii, but I do put my foot down-----in fact all four of my adorable little feets!---- when she tries to get me into my lycra cat suit. NO WAY!!

How could I ever face and terrorise all the mouses on my island if they knew I was prancing about in a lilac lycra cat-suit. I could never show my face outside again, so it is not going on and that is DEFINITE!! Anyway, my little Wii Mii was delighted with my weight again and said I am just purrfect! But I knew that already.

You may have guessed by now that my MH's favourite colours are lilac and purple, but I don't know what mine is.

Did you know that some scientist says that cats dream in colour?

How does he know???

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Good Puss

That's what my MH said I was and I totally agree. I have been out lots and lots today and I didn't waken my humans until seven o'clock this morning, so that was Ok. We had a visitor to my house and I was lying on the back of my couch having a snooze and our visitor said I looked tired and wondered what I had been doing.

Well, If only I could have told him. The nice farmer next door was ploughing his field in front of my living room and there were hundreds of ginormous gulls chasing his tractor and I was sitting in my garden watching them. My MH had put out some food for the birdies and suddenly this HUGE gull came down and right in front of my very eyes, stared having a feed and completely ignored my presence. It wasn't even frightened of me! I was disgusted! So, I sprang into action and assumed 'the position'.

I crouched down as low as I could and gave a little growl. I narrowed my eyes, wriggled my adorable little bottom, flattened my lugs and was just about to spring........ it flew away! I was devastated. All that effort for nothing. Ho hum :(

There was nothing left but to go home and have a snooze until I got over my disappointment and that's why I was looking sleepy.I was actually in a not very good mood. However, after I had had my sleep, I felt a lot better and I sat on my MH's knee and she gave me a cuddle and told me all about her day and I was back to being a very happy pussy cat again, 'cos she said I was her very bestest puss cat and I liked that.

I am sure that my night will be brilliant and I hope yours is too.

Monday, 11 June 2012

It's official......

.....I am a monster! A loveable and adorable one, but a monster! That's what my MH said this morning and when she was telling my DH why, I had a wee giggle, but she didn't see me. Now, what do you think? Is this the face of a monster?

I had a long sleep on my couch last night and didn't go out much, so I wakened up early this morning and when I looked out of my window, it was quite light, so I decided it must be getting up time, and time for me to go outside for a while.

But, as you know, pussy cats can't go out on an empty tummy, and although there are always some wee biscuits in my dish, I decided I needed some meat, and the only one who can open the packet for me is my MH. My DH could open it for me, but getting him to waken up takes more energy than even I have! Hee hee :))

So I purred in my MH's ear and when that didn't work, I whacked her gently on the cheek with my adorable little paw. Well, I thought it was a gentle whack, but since she nearly landed on my ceiling, I may have got it a wee bit wrong. Oops!
I also got the time wrong 'cos when she had stopped shaking my MH looked at her clock and told me very gently---NOT!--- that it was only one o'clock in the morning! Double oops! Maybe I will have to learn to work out what the clock says in future.

Anyway, it worked 'cos my MH did get up and gave me some meat and then she left the window open so that I could go out and come in whenever I felt like it. I stayed out for a while and then nipped back into bed and cuddled up beside my MH who was fast asleep again.

And she had stopped shaking!!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Still Busy...

.... but nearly finished. My DH has almost finished all the papering, so my MH will have to start all the cleaning up now, and she will need to put my house back to normal 'cos I don't really like it all upset, although it hasn't affected me too much. I even got to sit up on the bathroom window sill to watch my DH working and I have never been up there before! Mind you, I don't think I'll be there again--unless--!!!

While my DH was busy, me and my MH went out and cut my grass and I played on the clothes poles while she ran round the garden with the lawn mower. Well, when I say ran, it is more like a stately meander 'cos my MH doesn't do running any more except in her dreams. Hee hee :))

When she had finished we stayed out for a while and we played hide and seek, but I think that I didn't hide very well, 'cos she found me and took this very fetching photograph of yours truly.

I think I must be the most photographed pussy cat in the en-tire world and I am very glad I don't have to smile 'cos my adorable little jaws would be very sore by now.

It looks like it might rain later on but if it doesn't I shall go out a-hunting and a-sniffing and a-just-lying-around and if I don't go out I shall encourage my humans to play with my toys before I settle down for a snooze on my MH's knee.

Ah yes, life is good for me and I hope it is good for you too.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A New Ornament

That's what I was pretending to be this morning and my MH took this picture of me to let you see me. Sometimes, when my MH is playing her Wii or if there is an animal programme on my telly, I sit there and watch it, but today I was just being an ornament, although a rather adorable one!

It is still very busy in my house and the wallpaper is going ON today. I like it 'cos it has dolphins on it, so maybe I can talk to them when my humans are sleeping, although I heave heard them mention that I am not to get into the bathroom when it is finished, but we'll see!

My DH is putting the wallpaper on and me and my MH are cleaning all the things out of the bathroom so that they are ready to go back in when he is finished. They promised me that I would get all their attention this evening, so that's OK.

The weather is a bit better today and I have been outside quite a lot and me and my MH had a wee play in the garden for a while and I liked that. There is a mummy cow outside my gate with her baby cow and I go and see them a lot of times and the mummy cow says it's OK for me to talk to her wee baby 'cos the nice farmer next door told her I was a very good pussy cat, so that's good. The baby cow is a brown one and I like going and watching it and I am sure it likes watching me too.

Oops, my modesty is showing again. Hee hee :)) I hope you have a very good weekend.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Still Decorating

Although not really as my humans are just getting everything ready and my MH was tearing all the paper off the walls today and she looked as though she was having a great time.

She was away swimming this morning so we were up very early so she could catch the boat and when she went away me and my DH put up the door that she had painted and it looked good so I think she will be pleased with it. Then my DH went away to Stromness and I had a snooze until my MH came home and we played for a while before she started stripping-----wallpaper that is!! :)) Hee hee

I had great fun too 'cos she took out a big box to put all the paper in and I played in that. I jumped in and out lots of times and I even caught a bit of wallpaper on my adorable little head and me and my MH had a big giggle.

I sat on her knee and purred to her when she was finished 'cos I think she was a wee bit tired, but I am sure my DH will be pleased with us when he comes home.

If he's not, then he won't get any dinner! :))))

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Question

Are all humans a bit odd or is it just mine? I do wonder at times and today I am very confused 'cos they are even odder than usual!

The day started off just normal and my DH and me went into the greenhouse, but we didn't stay out too long 'cos the weather is pretty awful with rain and mist and just generally miserable. So I thought we could all have a nice quiet day in my house playing with my toys. Boy, was I wrong!

For some unknown reason--to me at least--my DH took the bathroom door off and put it on trestles in my kitchen and then my MH got out some white paint and put it on the door! I nearly walked over the door to get a closer look at what she was doing, but I was very quickly lifted out of the way.

When she finished that, she went into my bathroom and painted all the woodwork and then it dawned on me what they were up to. They were decorating! There was no room for me and I did feel a wee bit neglected, but then I realised that it was probably because of me that they had to do this, so I said nothing.

When I was a baby cat and had just come to my house, I liked to play with the toilet roll and 'cos my little claws were quite sharp, I have made scratches on the wallpaper. Oops! AND! One night, my MH wakened up 'cos there was a funny noise and when she got up, I was sitting in the washand basin hitting the shower switch against the wall. It has a wee cork at the end of it and it made a lovely 'clunking' noise and I loved doing it, but it also made scratches on the wallpaper. Oops, again! My humans now keep the bathroom door shut so that I can't get in and I think they want to make it nice again, so I shall have to behave! Maybe!! :))

When they were finished, they did play with me and this is a picture of me with my new toy and my very favourite toy so it wasn't too bad a day after all especially when my friend S. came up to see me and gave me a cuddle.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ho Hum--again!

All my good weather has disappeared and we have had lots and lots of rain, and even my world disappeared for a while too!

It got very misty and we could'nt see anything out of my windows and 'cos my DH had gone away to Stromness, it looked as though it was just me and my MH left in this en-tire world, but then the world suddenly appeared again. It was quite funny and I liked it.

I did go out to play for a while and when I came in I was a wee bit wet----not ringing, this time!---but my MH took some tissues and dried me all up and then as usual, finished by tickling my adorable little tummy and I purred ever so loud and my MH said the people in Stromness would hear me and I smiled. :)

My little island is quite quiet just now and the baby cows are away in another field so I don't go to see them too often but when the rain goes away again, I will go and see how they are all getting on and I will let you know.

I watched my MH on her Wii today and she even won at tennis again so she is a happy MH, but she doesn't purr like me when she is happy. I wonder why.

I think I shall have to teach her.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I have had a brilliant day so far doing lots of things with my humans and even more lots of things all by myself and I am a very happy pussy cat.

I helped my MH to change the sheets on the bed and we had such a giggle and I got lots of tummy tickles which I liked. Then it was into the gym to watch her doing her exercises and then I went and played all by myself for a while before I went into the greenhouse with my DH.

My MH came into the garden to hang out her washing and I did my pole dancing trick again and I am getting even better at it. I can get up the pole so quickly now and I can look down at my humans when they are in the garden. Oh boy, they do look funny from way up high!

When she was putting the towels away, I gave her a fright 'cos I climbed up the step ladder that's in the cupboard and then I jumped onto the top shelf and I jumped over her head and she didn't know I was there, so she was a wee bit scared! But then she took this picture of me so she couldn't have been THAT scared!! Hee hee :))

In the afternoon, my two friends J. and A. came over to help my DH with some work outside and I supervised them for a while and they told me lots of stories and gave my adorable little tummy a tickle.

I am now going to have my afternoon sleep and after my dinner I will decide what I want to do, but I think I will probably be outside until it is late 'cos that's what I love the bestest of all.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Puzzled Puss

That's what I am today--puzzled. I had a very good night last night and was out playing quite a lot and it was lovely knowing that my humans would be sitting in my living room when I came home again. I like having a wee snooze on my MH's knee and I missed that on Friday night when they were away out.

We all had a good long sleep today and then I went into the greenhouse with my DH and we watered all the plants and we took my MH our first strawberry and she was very pleased with us. Then me and my MH went into the gym and she played on her bike while I sniffed and explored and then lay on the seat and watched her.

Then they started doing things which got me puzzled and if I tell you what they were doing, maybe you can explain. My MH boiled lots of eggs to make egg and onion sandwiches and my DH made little mini pizzas 'cos they said they were having a bonfire and a party for the Queen!

Now, is the Queen coming to my little island and how does my MH know that she likes egg and onion sandwiches and pizzas, and if she is going to a bonfire, will her crown not get all smokey?

I am very confused and puzzled!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

A So So Day

It started off quite well this morning and I was out playing with my humans in my garden and we were all very happy, but then they went away on the boat again and left me all alone and I wasn't so happy.

This is the Orkney Folk Festival weekend and 'cos my humans like music, they have been going to the concerts and 'cos I am a pussy cat, I can't go with them. However, this one was in the afternoon and they came back before it was my dinner time, so that was Ok.

It was a good afternoon so the window was left open for me and I went out to see some of my little animal friends, so I wasn't too lonely.

I was very happy last night when my humans were home again and I cuddled up beside my MH and had a good sleep. They have promised me that we will be back to normal this week, but they brought home wallpaper for the bathroom and my DH is going to stick it up on the walls, so I think there might be a wee bit disruption in my house this week.

I shall have to make sure that I get my fair share of cuddles and attention.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I was right!

I DID get a present! As I told you yesterday, my humans were away all night and I was left alone but I was Ok 'cos my friend came in to see me and to feed me.

My MH couldn't leave the window open for me 'cos the wind was blowing so hard that the curtains were horizontal and she was afraid the furniture would blow about the living room! However when my friend came in this morning, she opened the window for me and I was able to get in and out whenever I wanted to which was very fine 'cos it was warm today and I was able to go out and speak to the cows outside my garden and they liked that.

Then my humans finally came home and they did bring me a new toy. My MH must have read my blog yesterday and noticed that I wanted a surprise! It is a ball that holds some of my treats and when I roll it the treats come out and I can eat them all up. I like that. But most of all, I got a special cuddle and a tummy tickle and I like that even more.

But most of all, I like that they are home beside me again.

This is a picture of me getting down from the top of the wardrobe and when I do this my MH is afraid to breath in case I knock the television over and I would DEFINITELY end up in the soup pot! :))

Friday, 1 June 2012

Mountaineering Pussycat

I was helping my MH in the bedroom this morning and while she was busy, I took myself off to do a bit of exploring up on the top of the wardrobes and my MH took this picture of me.

She has lots of soft toys up there so I went and had a wee look at them all and then I jumped down again and landed on my bed and we all had a chuckle.

I am to be left on my own tonight 'cos my humans are going to a concert in Kirkwall, so I might have a party! My friend will come in to keep me company and feed me and my humans will be home later on tomorrow night with a toy for me---- I hope!

I am OK on my own and the window will be left open for me so that I can get in and out whenever I feel like it, so I will be fine. I will miss my humans but I will make sure they give me their undivided attention when they come back.

I will let you know how I get on.