Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Odd! Very Odd!!

There are some srange happenings on my little island today and some of these strange things are even in my house. When I asked my MH what it was all about, she said it had something to do with halloween and I kind of remember it from last year 'cos my two humans went out looking very odd indeed. Much odder than they usually look! I think I may have some scarey pictures for you tomorrow.

All has been well today but I have been left on my own quite a lot 'cos my DH is in Stromness and my MH had lots to do in the Hall getting it ready for the party tonight. but when she came home, she gave me lots of cuddles and I sat on her knee for a long time until we decided to play with my little ball and as you can see, today's picture is an action shot of yours truly.

I think I will be having a very quiet night tonight 'cos they are both going out, but my MH promised me that I could sit on her knee when she came home and she would tell me all about it, so I will look forward to that.

I really like sitting on her knee.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More Normal

Today was a more normal day with not too bad weather which meant that yours truly could get in and out a lot and that's what yours truly likes.

Me and my MH played a lot with all of my toys and we even went back into the gym and I played in the grass box again and got more grass on my little paws before I settled down on the chair and had a snooze while my MH did her exercises.

Then she had to do her ironing and I played in the basin in the sink while she did that. She always puts a wee drop of water in the basin for me and I can paddle in it and play in it and I love doing that, so I had good fun.

My friend Button lives right on the sea shore and she has been near REAL water, but I live a bit further away, so I haven't been down to the beach, and I don't think I want to be.

There are seals in the sea around my little island and they might think that I am so adorable that they want to take me to seal-land and try to come and get me, but I don't want to leave my house and my humans so I think I might just stick to playing with the water in my sink or on the bird bath outside my house.

It might be a whole lot safer.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Play Time

I had great fun last night playing with all my toys. My DH put my new mouse on a stick with long string and we played with it for hours and hours. I jumped on chairs and played with it on my rocking chair and it was beautiful.

It was also a good afternnon 'cos my friend S. came up to my house to play on my Wii with my MH and they were so funny. They did ski-ing and golf and tight rope walking and I was lying on my couch laughing until my little sides were sore, but I didn't let them see me.

I was able to go outside and I hunted for a long time and I even brought in a wee mouse but my DH wouldn't let it inside my house, so it went away again.

We were up very early this morning but my MH was quite happy 'cos this is the last of her VERY early mornings so the poor old dear won't need to go out in the dark too often which is good.

I played outside until she came home and then after she did her housework, we had a wee snooze together and we were both very happy.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Helpful Puss

That's what I was last night. My MH said she got more exercise last night when she was trying to watch the television that she did when she was on her treadmill.

As you know, the weather hasn't been very good here and I was in nearly all day so that by night time, I was so full of energy that my DH said my wee batteries were right off the scale. I was bouncing across my living room hitting as much of the furniture as I could when I passed and my poor humans were exhausted trying to keep up with me. Well, they aren't as young or as fit as what I am!

Anyway,in the evening I decided that enough was enough and I asked to be let out of the window, so my MH got up, let me out and heaved a sigh of relief. It was such a big sigh, it nearly blowed me over to Stromness. Hee hee :))

However. It was raining hard, so after I has stayed out a wee while and got thoroughly soaked, I jumped back up onto my window sill and asked to be let in again, and my dear old MH had to get up again. I just stood there and gave her my best cat smile and she dried me off with paper tissues. I sat on her knee until I was all cosy and dry and then I decided that I would give outside another try, and I am afraid my dear friends that I did this lots of times---out of the window, played and got wet, in the window, got dried had a seat on a knee and then out again. My poor humans were jiggered and I did feel sorry for them----nearly!

I am resting today and this is what I look like this afternoon, but I have a feeling I know what is coming later on this evening. And I think my humans know too!

I wonder if somebody could invent a pussycat treadmill, or a cage like a hamster's, but I think I would still prefer to be outside with all my little animal friends. Even if it does mean getting wet.

And I know my humans don't mind looking after me----I think!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Still awful

This weather is dreadful. We have rain and sleet and strong winds, so it is definitely not a day for little pussy cats to go outside, so I have been resting.

Becuse it is Saturday, my humans have been resting as well, although my MH had to go into the gym to get rid if her Thornton's toffee, but I just stayed in the house 'cos I was so very warm and comfortable. I watched my DH as he made the dinner for tonight, but there was nothing for me although I am hoping there might be some later on.

I had a snooze while my MH was getting her breath back and then we played games 'cos I needed to get rid of all of my energy. I tried it this morning about half past seven and I was hoping that my MH might play with me, but she said 'no'

She said a lot of other words but the general idea of it all was that she wasn't playing, but was going back to bed.

If I don't go out tonight, I shall play with her later, but I know I have to wait until after the dancing programme, whch suits me just fine 'cos it is my very favourite programe.

I hope you have something you like watching this weekend.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Horrid! Horrid! Horrid!

It has been a terrible day today and I have not been able to get out much at all.

My MH has to go out very early on a Monday and Friday but only for a wee while, so she gave me something to eat and I asked to go out. She opened the door expecting me to turn back, but I took off down my path as fast as my little legs could take me, 'cos it was cold and windy.

She tried to get me back into my house before she left, but I didn't want to go home, so 'cos she didn't want me to be out in that awful weather, she left my living room window open. As she passed the big shed I waved out to her car and she knew I was Ok, but when she got home there was snow on my window sill and my little sheep skin rug was wet and she had to put it in the tumble drier.

Now, I hear a sharp intake of breath all over the world when I mention a sheep skin rug, but it is not the skin of one of my sheeps. My MH got it as a present a lot of years ago, so that's OK.

I didn't go out after that. Instead I stayed on the back of my couch watching my MH doing her Wii exercises and this is why! You can see it is not nice.

But as usual, when I gave my MH the signal, she played with me and we had very good fun until my DH came home from Stromness where he was helping in the Cat shop and then I lay back on my couch while he told us what he had been doing all day.

I might go out later on if these snow showers stop, but it will depend on the weather. The Hoy Hills behind my house are all covered with snow and my MH says they are like Christmas puddings with icing sugar on them. Maybe she will take a picture of them for you one day.

I shall ask her.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Just Thinking

It has not been a very nice day today, so I haven't been out much at all. Even my MH didn't go to her wee gym, so she will need to go two times tomorrow! You see, she just bought a whole lot of Thornton's toffee and she just loves it, but she reckons she needs to cycle about two miles for every bit she eats. Poor old dear. I may never see her again!!

I went out for a wee while and I made my DH shake his head 'cos I came inside to use my litter tray and he couldn't understand why, but my MH knows me so well and she told him that I don't like getting my adorable little bottom wet and when it has been raining there is no dry grass for me to do what I have to do. So he just shooked his head again.

Now, if he shakes his head at a wee 'normal' thing like that, can you imagine what he will be like when he hears about my sheeps on the roof idea? And that's where the thinking bit of my day has come in. I spoke to some of the sheeps and they said I would need to make sure there was lots of grass on my roof before they would even consider moving, so it is kind of looking like this idea isn't going to work, but I shall keep trying. Also the sheeps belong to the nice farmer next door and he might not be too happy if he has to keep climbing onto my roof to talk to them. Just a thought!

I have been watching the birdies today as they having been having a feed and that's what today's picture is. My humans make sure they have enough to eat and I don't disturb them 'cos I don't want them to be hungry.

But I was a wee but naughty and I bringed in a baby mouse and my MH wasn't too happy with me and my DH had to put it out again, but apart from that I have been quite perfect as usual---not to mention modest!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Wee Bit Lazy Today

I think I have run out of steam a wee bit today after my days of excitement outside 'cos I have been tired and have had to have lots of sleeps.

My humans were away out for most of the day so I had the whole house to myself and just moved from bed to bed until my MH came home.

The weather hasn't been as good today as it has been and I have been a bit cold outside so I just played outside with my MH for a short time before I told her I wanted to go inside.

I sat on her knee for a while and she told me one of her stories about a friend of mine who saw an old house with a thatched roof and on this thatched roof there were SHEEPS! Yes, real sheeps. So that got me thinking. I have a roof and I know where there are sheeps, but I am not too sure how I could get them up on the roof, and there is another tiny problem of what my humans might think if they come home one night to find sheeps on top of my living room roof. I think smelling salts might be needed---or maybe a case of whisky!! Hee hee :))

Anyway, after our little chat, my MH took me out to play and we ran around my garden and I had good fun catching flies and chasing daisies and things until we were both tired and had to go into the house for a rest again.

I am going to rest until it is time to go out in the dark and do some more hunting, and while I am hunting, I shall think about sheeps on my roof, but if you have any ideas, I will be delighted to hear them.

Just don't tell my humans, please till I have it all worked out.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

STILL Beautiful

Oh I am such a happy pussy cat 'cos the weather is so lovely and I have been having a great time being outside nearly all day.

I had quite a long sleep this morning 'cos my MH didn't need to go out early, but as soon as I had my breakfast I was off---out into my world to see what everyone was doing, and all my little birdie and animal friends were very happy because they like this weather too.

My little weather man friend, Sean, says we might have snow and gales this weekend, but I am hoping he has made a mistake. Maybe he was looking at another map.

I was in the workshop with my DH and then in the gym with my MH. Sometimes there is nobody in my house at all 'cos we are all somewhere else! The nice farmer next door said that the greenhouse is for my DH, the gym is for my MH, so the house should be for ME! I like that idea.

There have been lots of wee birdies around my house today 'cos my humans have been putting some food out for them, so I thought you might like to see some pictures of them at their wee feeding table and playing on the pampas grass, and as usual, I never hurted them.

'Cos I am a very good pussy cat.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Still Spring

Oh I have just loved this day. It has been warm and calm and I have been outside all day since seven o'clock this morning--just coming in for some biscuits and a drink and then out to play again.

Me and my MH were up very early and she let me out just before seven o'clock and it was oh so dark. It is a good job that I have some white on my coat or I would have disappeared into the dark time and she wouldn't have founded me till the sun wakened up and she would have been worried about me.

I stayed out until she came home and then I sat on her knee and we had our usual girlie chat about what we were going to do with the day and then my DH appeared and we told him what he was doing, and he was a happy DH.

We are still clearing out the greenhouse and making it into a workshop so that keeps me and him busy and we did this while my MH was doing her hoovering and then it was all change, and I slipped into my little lycra outfit and took her into the gym where we did our exercises.

We had another wee sit down after this and then played hide and seek in my living room with my ball and that's when this very fetching photograph was taken.

I am resting now 'cos I am intending to be out very late tonight and 'cos the weather is so good, my humans can leave the window open for me snd I can come home whenever I feel like it.

I need to get as much exercise as possible this week 'cos my little weather man friend says it might snow at the weekend and I might have to stay inside my house, but maybe he has got it wrong.

It is a wee bit early for snow, please!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Super Sunday

What a brilliant day it has been. I think my little weather man friend has got his seasons mixed up 'cos this is more like Spring than Autumn.

Me and my DH have been doing a lot of tidying up in my garden and we have been burning lots of rubbish, but I stay away from the big incinerator thing 'cos my DH told me it gets too hot and he looks after me to see that I am safe.

I went into the garden while my MH was in her gym and I made my humans laugh 'cos I was chasing flies and I jumped so high I nearly landed on top of my roof, but I never catched the fly 'cos it was too quick for me.

I have been outside nearly all day and I have been very happy but when I went in, I asked my MH to play with me for a while and that's what she did and that's what today's picture is. I am in my special hiding place under my rocking chair.

I was watching the starlings doing their dance in the sky and it was beautiful. Me and my humans love watching them, and I think I will go outside after my dinner and watch then again until it gets dark and then I will do something else, but I am not sure what it will be yet.

I will let you know tomorrow. I hope you have had a happy weekend too.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

All Sorts of things

I have had a really good day so far doing lots and lots of different things. There was a lot of rain through the night when we were all tucked up cosy in our beds and I was quite happy not to go outside, but the day time has been better.

I went outside very early and I played in the grass and I also played in the puddles that were on the ground. My pussycat friend lives right down at the beach and sometimes she goes for a walk right beside the sea, but I have never been there and I think I might be a wee bit scared. I like the water when it is in my fountain or my basin or even in some puddles, but I don't know if I would like all the waves, so I am quite happy to stay here.

My MH was stripping the beds again today so it was hide and seek time and I just love that game. I get so excited when my humans play with me and we play for a long long time until we are all so tired we need to have a lie down on the beds. Hee hee

I went outside all by myself and I sat on the bench for a long time pretending I was a human and that was good fun and then I became a pussycat again and went into the gym with my MH and I played hide and seek AGAIN! In the winter time, the horrid lawn mower lives in the end of the gym and today, I climbed into the grass box and hided from my MH and she couldn't find me until I decided to come out and then she giggled 'cos my adorable little paws were all covered in grass, but I still looked very fetching.

My MH's friend came up to see us this afternoon and she always makes a fuss of me and lifts me up for a cuddle and I like that, so it is not even dinner time and I have had a brilliant day, and I have still to see my favourite television programme--'Srictly Come Dancing'. So after our dinner, me and my MH get all settled on the couch to watch it and my DH reads his book.

He pretends he isn't watching it, but we think he is really, 'cos he keeps asking questions and sometimes The Boss gets annoyed at him and tells him to watch it and see, but he won't admit he likes it.

He is a funny DH sometimes! But I still love him :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Good Times

Boy, was it dark this morning when my MH went out! The sky was black, and just as I told you the other day, the old dear needed her torch to see where she was going.

I went ouside and played in the dark for a while and then lay in the long grass and watched as the sun wakened up and my little island got lighter and lighter. I was still outside when my MH came home, so when my DH went away to Stromness, we both went back to bed for a wee snooze and we both liked that.

Later on in the morning, we washed all my blankets and when we went out to hang them on the rope, I did my usual exercises and ran up and down the clothes poles and this made my MH laugh a lot. I like being up high and watching the birdies as they fly beside me.

Sometimes, I wish I could fly like them. That would be the magicest fun even, don't you think? I would need to get my MH to make me a pair of wings before I could practice, although I am not too sure it would be the wisest thing I have ever done.

And as you know, I am a very wise pussy cat indeed, so maybe I will just stay on the ground.

I will probably be much safer just helping my MH write on our computer.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Resting Time

I have been a very sleepy puss today and the fact that it has been raining hasn't helped my mood at all.

I have decided that I am now into my winter routine and it is as follows. I shall give my MH a gentle nudge about seven o'clock in the morning to let her know I am in need of food and drink and then I shall go out into my little world to see what is happening with all my animal friends.

How long I stay outside will depend on the weather, but at some point, I shall return to my bed and catch up with my beauty sleep---not that I need too much of that, you understand!

I shall then help my humans with whatever they are doing---maybe in the workshop or the gym, but if it is vacuuming and dusting day, I shall sit well out of the way. I have sleeping places in all the rooms in my house, so I can always get peace somewhere.

When it is evening feeding time, I shall wander into my kitchen and let my humans know it is time to fed me again and then I will lie on the back of my couch while my humans are having their dinner and when they are finished and have tidied up, I shall plank my adorable little self on my MH's knee while she watches Emmerdale.

When it is is dark and I am well rested, I shall head outside and play with all my friends again and I shall stay out until I am tired and then I will go home and cuddle up beside my MH and we will both have a good night's sleep.

I think that is a very good plan for the winter and I will let you know if it works out as I intend.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Still Busy

There is still a lot of things for me to be doing. Pussy cat things and helping human things, so I have been a very busy little Squeak.

The beauty of being a pussy cat is that I can just take to my bed whenever I feel like a snooze and that's what I have been doing. This is my DH's day in Stromness at the Cat Protection shop, so it is a girlie day for me and The Boss and we do lots of work and have lots of cuddles and chats.

I stayed out last night and had a great time. I do love being out in the dark and it is getting dark much earlier now on my little island and it is also dark in the morning. When my MH goes out at seven o'clock in the morning she has to put her car lights on and she will soon need to take a torch with her,'cos we don't have any lights on my little island, and I wouldn't want her to get lost 'cos who would cuddle me then?

My humans put out some food for the birdies and this afternoon I was lying on my couch watching these ones having a feed and what a noise they made! All chirrping 'cos they were happy and I purred back 'cos I was happy too. And I didn't chase them 'cos I know my MH would not have been pleased with me.

We had a play with some of my toys and then she did her exercises on her Wii machine and I snuggled up on my couch and had a lovely snooze and I looked so fetching that my MH decided to share this picture of me with you.

I hope you like it, although I think you will. Who wouldn't?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Good Day

We have all had a super day today especially my DH 'cos it is his birthday and my MH sang 'Happy Birthday' to him and I gave him a special big purr and he liked that, and he got some lovely birthday cards too, so he is a happy bunny. An OLD bunny, but happy. Hee hee :))

The weather must know it is his birthday 'cos it has been a good day and we have all been able to get outside. I went into the workshop with my DH and we did lots of work while my MH was playing with her hoover and her duster, and then when she was finished, I went into the gym and sat on the chair and watched as she made her little legs do all their exercises.

After that, we played in the garden for a long time and I nipped in and out through my fence lots of times and played in the long grass and I hided so that my MH couldn't see me and then I springed out and gave her a fright and that made her giggle.

We walked round to the front of my house and I climbed all the clothes poles and chassed some flies and birdies but I never catched them 'cos as you know, I am a good pussy cat and wouldn't hurt the birdies.

I am resting now on my bed, but I shall have a good dinner and then I will go out hunting tonight when it is dark.

Oh yes, I am having a very good day for my DH's birthday.

Monday, 15 October 2012

A Very Quiet day

Me and my MH were up very early again this morning and I was out playing before it was even light! I am very glad that us pussycats have very special eyes 'cos I could see everything even though it was very dark.

I stayed out for a while before I went home for another wee snooze and then my humans told me that they had to go out for the day and I had to look after the house. It was a wet day but the window was left open for me in case I wanted some fresh air which I did on occasion.

I was having a little siesta when I heard the car arriving, so I nipped out of the window, went through the fence into the field at the front of my house and then came back in through the fence at the side of the house, so the humans thought I had been out hunting! Hee hee They still don't know I had been sleeping! Oops, maybe they do now.

After lots of cuddles from them to me and lots of purrs from me to them, I had a feed and then reclined again on the back of my couch, 'cos I have decided that I really like being outside when it is dark, and since the rain has gone off, I shall attack the fields with a vengeance in a wee while.

I will stay out as late as I feel like it, but I won't stay out all night 'cos I like to cuddle up beside my MH when we are having our long sleep. It helps us both to sleep well.

I hope you sleep well too.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Lazy Puss

That's what I have been for most of the day, although I went out twice when it was lovely and dry and then got caught in the rain when I was a big way away from my house, so I have been very wet two times today already!

It is quite funny when I come home wet 'cos I just stand on the floor and my MH dives into the tissue box (now there's a picture to have in your head this Sunday!) and brings out lots of tissues and she rubs my adorable little body till it is dry again and I just stand thee and purr until she is all finished. I like it lots.

She was using her lap top this afternoon, so I took up my usual pose and here is a picture for you.

My friend S. came to see me and although I was lying on my bed when she came in, I ran to meet her and she liked that. She picked me up and tickled me and called me her 'ickle wickle' and I liked that, so we had a lovely afternoon together.

The rain has gone off again, so I might go out hunting after my dinner, but I will have to be home to sit on my MH's knee in time to watch Strictly 'cos that is our favourite programme just now.

Oh, isn't that James Bond actor beautiful!! Sigh and purr. He can tickle my tummy any time he likes!! :)))

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Another Inside Day

It is very wet and very windy today so we have all been inside but we have been busy.

My MH had to get up at half past six o'clock in this morning, so I got up with her and sat at my dish looking very hungry so she gave me some food, opened the window and then went back to bed.

The weather was quite good then, so I went out to play for a while and after I had done all the things that a brave, adorable, intrepid little pussy cat has to do, I went home. I was just nipping in the window at about half past seven when I noticed my DH was in my kitchen, so I went and sat at my dish looking very hungry and he gave me some food too! Oh clever, clever Squeak.

I had a feed and then cuddled up beside my MH until it was time for her to get up, but oh boy, you should have heard her when my DH told her that he had fed me again. Not pleased, doesn't even come near it! I scooted under the bed--just in case and I think my DH was thinking he might need to join me. Hee hee. I don't think that trick will work again!

We played lots of games in my house and when my MH was making the curry for their dinner, I got a wee bit of raw beef, so now my little tummy is very full and I am lying on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her lap top, and I am having the most wonderful sleep.

I hope you are having a good weekend too.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Nothing to do

It is wet and windy today, so I have been resting on my bed for most of the day.

Me and my MH were up before seven o'clock this morning 'cos she was going out, and she had to put the lights on in my house 'cos it was so dark. I could see very well, but my MH doesn't have good eyes like me. Maybe I will have to help her in the dark time.

I went out to play for a while but I was feeling a bit cold, so I just went and cuddled beside my DH until it was time for him to get up and go away to Stromness and by that time my MH was home.

On Friday, they are like the weather ornaments---when one is out the other is in and then they change places. Hee hee :))

When my MH came home, we did some baking and my kitchen smelled lovely. There are pancakes for me, some fruit buns for my DH and a whole lemon drizzle cake for my MH. If she eats all of that, she will have to spend hours and hours on her bike and her treadmill, but I will help her.

Later on in the afternoon, she played on her computer and I lay on the back of my couch just watching her. They are going to watch Scotland playing football tonight, but I think I will have better fun if I can get out to play. Maybe I could play football with the sheeps and the mouses.

That would be great fun.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Housework! Bah!

Chez Squeak has been very busy today with both humans working very hard and just generally disturbing yours truly, which is just not on.

DH had his orders to get all the woodwork in my kitchen finished and then all of his tools out of the utility room and the porch so that MH could get cleaning.

I lay on the back of my couch having a lovely dream about cat food and mouses, when the vacuum cleaner arrived. Not on its own, you understand! My dear MH was behind it singing gaily to herself and waving her duster at the ornaments, so I took myself off with a few cat sweary words muttered under my breath ---I am always mindful of the soup pot--- and headed into my bedroom where I eventually settled myself down, re-wound my dream to where I had left off and snoozed again.

No sooner had I finished dream number one and was just about to launch into a new one, when MH, duster and Hoover arrived in THAT room, so I took off again. I am actually quite glad I was wakened up at that time, although that is between you and me dear reader,'cos I went back into my living room and sat on the window sill beside the open window, and I got the biggest surprise of my adorable little life when two enormous jet planes flew just above my house. They were so close, I could almost see the drivers!

There are a lot of these fast jets fly over my little island 'cos they practice their low-flying here, but I have never seen them THAT low. And what a noise they made! It nearly hurt my little lugs, so it did.

Anyway, I then went into the workshop with my DH to see how he was getting on with the wood, and it is looking nice so I think the Boss will be pleased and we will all get peace for a while. Now, in case you are wondering when me and my DH got a workshop, well it is just the greenhouse in winter when there are no plants in it. Dear old DH needs a place to hide, so in winter it is a workshop. See?

Me and my MH then had a long play so that kept me happy and she has promised that I won't see the vacuum cleaner again until Monday. Oh joy!! :)))

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Just being me

I have taken a day off from my duties of looking after my humans as I felt I needed a wee rest. I have stayed close to my MH when she has been home though---just in case. She might wander off or do something silly if I go away for too long, but I have had a good day so far.

My DH is away to Stromness and my MH goes out for a while on Wednesdays, so there is no housework to annoy or disturb me. I like Wednesdays!

I went out to play 'cos it is quite a good day and I went all over my garden and then into the fields and I did lots of sniffing and jumping and running and lying down, so you can see that although I haven't been working, I still have been busy.

I ran to say hello to my MH when she came home and she liked that and then I sat on my bed as she gave me a big cuddle and tickled my adorable little tummy while she told me what she had been doing, but she hadn't been very busy either.

She did some tennis on her Wii, but she left the window open, so I was able to do a lot of 'nipping'. I nipped in and then I nipped out and then I nipped in again and then----I am sure you will get the idea by now?

I had a sleep on my chair and then when my MH took out her lap top to write to you, I snuggled up beside her and watched what she was writing as I laid my little head beside the keys.

She likes when I sit beside her 'cos she told me so. And she doesn't tell fibs.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Good Day

It was just me and my DH in my house today 'cos my MH was away shopping in Kirkwall and as usual, we had our list of jobs to do and as usual, they were done to perfection and she was pleased.

My DH has finished off all the kitchen work so we tidied it all up and we hanged out the washing and I played outside lots of times and then had a snooze while I was waiting for The Boss to come home.

She brought us lots of goodies and me and my DH were happy and I got lots of special cuddles which made me very happy and I purred lots and lots and lots!

After we all had our dinner I gave out the signals to my MH by running under my rocking chair which is the sign that I need to play NOW! and God love the old dear, she got down on the floor and she played with me. She has trained up so well that sometimes it brings a tear to my adorable little eye.

I have done such a good job in such a short time.

Monday, 8 October 2012

A New Me

I am not a super hero today. I am a ornament! And a very beautiful ornament too!

My MH was away out very early this morning again, so I was up, washed, fed and out to play before seven o'clock. But I was in, back to bed and sound asleep before quarter past seven! It was too wet and windy and it was even still quite dark, so I guess the winter must be quite near.

I waited patiently for my MH to come home 'cos she always gives me one of her special cuddles when she has been away and I was not disappointed. I sat on her knee and we had one of our girlie chats and then it was time for her to do her housework and I decided that I would help her today and that's when I became a ornament!

I sat on the unit for a long time and watched my MH doing her dusting, but she didn't dust me. I just got a cuddle as she passed with her duster.

We had a wee snooze together and then I ventured out to play with the sheeps and to see what was happening and this time I stayed out for a long time and I had good fun although it was still quite windy, but I was a hardy wee pussycat and enjoyed it.

Later on, my MH went into her gym, but I just stayed on me bed and had another snooze.I will probably go outside again after my dinner as long as I am well rested.

It is very tiring being a ornament, you know!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Soggy Puss

Well,what a night I had last night. I had a long snooze on my MH's knee and then we watched 'Strictly Come Dancing' which we both love and I am sure I caught my MH drooling at my TV. I hope my DH wasn't watching! Mind you, I did see her point of view a couple of times.

When it was over, I decided to go out hunting and with a cheery 'farewell' to my house and my humans, I was off out the window without a backward glance. What fun I was having, and I had wandered quite far away when I felt the rain coming on, but I wasn't too bothered.

Wrong, Squeak, oh, so wrong! It poured and poured with really heavy rain and I had nowhere to go and hide, so I ran as fast as my adorable--and very wet--little legs could take me, jumped up onto my window sill and battered on my window to be let in.

I was soaking, dear reader, absolutely soaking. If I had been 'ringing', I think I might have been heard all over the en-tire world! It took my MH a whole bath towel to get me dried, but I just stood and purred for her while she was making me all dry and comfortable again. Then I was a bit happier.

I had a wee lie down on one of my many resting places and when my MH came to give me a cuddle I explained that I had been thinking about the flea stuff and the wormer stuff, and I tried to explain that I didn't need them 'cos I didn't have fleas and worms, but she said I didn't have then because of the flea stuff and worm stuff!

I'm not going to win this arguement, but I shall be ready the next time I see her approaching with one of them in her hand, 'cos I may not be as clever, but I am an awful lot faster!

'Nuff said!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Busy Puss

I stayed out very late last night 'cos I was having so much fun and I didn't want to go to sleep.

It was so late, that even my DH had gone to bed, but he had left the window open for me. However, the wind got up and the living room door started creaking and that wakened my MH so she got up to see if I would come home and just as she put the light on in my living room,I appeared at the window. I think we both gave one another a big fright, but then we giggled and went to bed, after I had a wee biscuit of course. One can't sleep on an empty (adorable) tummy, can one? Hee hee.

We had a long sleep and then my DH decided to finish off all the wee jobs in my kitchen, so me and my MH were put out of it while he did his hammering and nailing and stuff like that. He will soon be finished.

We did have a wee while in the gym and then we played in the garden, but it is a bit too windy and cold, so we just came inside again and I went for a wee lie down on one of my beds. And that's when I became not happy.

I was lying there, looking as adorable as ever, minding my own business, and my MH appeared beside me. I thought I was just getting a cuddle, but all too late I noticed the green 'thing' in her hand and before you could say 'Squeak the super hero' I was de-flea'd and not at all happy. How could she do that to me? Quite easily, it would seem!

I stayed in my bedroom in a huff for a wee while, but then curiosity got the better of me and I went back into my living room to see what was happening, and my MH took this picture of me for you, and you can't see the awful de-flea stuff on me.

So I look as adorable as ever!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

I Love Friday

Yes, I just love Fridays just now and I will tell you why.

My MH goes away out early on a Friday morning and so I get something to eat even before I ask, and then I can get out to play even before the sheeps and the birdies are awake! Mind you, most of the birdies are away from my little island again, 'cos they only come for their summer holidays--and some even come to be borned here, although I haven't quite worked out how they do that yet! However, they are all away now to wherever they came from, and so my little island is quite quiet. There are still some starlings and a few curlews and oyster catchers but not many, so it doesn't take me too long to chat to them all.

So. Out I go while it is still early, and this morning it wasn't very light and my MH had to put a light on in my kitchen so that she could find me to feed me. Anyway, I was out playing early and I played till my MH came home and when she comes home, my DH gets ready to go to Stromness to the Cat Protection shop and we have a girlie day all to ourselves.

My MH doesn't do too much housework on a Friday, but today she made stew for the dinner and I got some raw beef and as you know, I like that very much, so I gobbled it up while she was chatting to me. I can purr and eat at the same time, but I am sure that doesn't surprise you at all?

Now. 'Cos she gets up very early, my MH usually has a wee cat nap in the morning before the box has to be collected from the pier and I go and lie down and help her and today I made her laugh 'cos every time she looked at me, I was sitting outside the bedroom door waiting for her!

Eventually she was ready and when she lay down, I snuggled right in beside her and we snored and purred together for a long time and we were both very happy.

I hope you will be very happy this weekend too.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

This and That

Last night my DH stayed up late to watch the television and that meant that I could stay out very late too and that's what I did. I went into the fields and I lay in the long grass and then I went into the big shed and saw some mouses and lots of spiders and we all had a wee chat before I decided that I was tired and I went home, nipped in my window, said hello to my DH and then curled up beside my MH who was fast asleep.

I had a very good sleep but I decided that I wanted to go out early, so my MH let me out about five o'clock this morning and I did some more hunting and prowling. I just love being outside, and there is so much for a pussycat to see and do, that I can be out for hours and hours and not get bored.

My timing was perfect 'cos I just came inside as my MH was finishing her hoovering, so I took to my bed for a while and caught up with my sleep.

I went back into my living room when my MH was sitting on the couch with her lap top on to tell you all about me, so I cuddled up beside her and put my adorable little head on the keyboard and while she was typing, she patted my little head and I like that, and I also told her what to tell you, and she likes that too, so we are both happy.

When she was finished, we played in my living room with my ball and we had really good fun. I will have another wee rest and then after my dinner, I have a nap on my couch but when I see it getting dark, then I go outside to see what is happening on my little island.

I like the night times and I love being outside when it is dark, but only if the weather is good 'cos I don't like getting rained on or blowed away, so I am hoping that the weather will be good enough for me to get out for a long time tonight.

I will tell you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Snoozing Time

I was up and out very early this morning hero-ing and terrorising in equal measures until it was time to go back home for something to eat and a snooze.

My humans were both out today but my MH was home just after lunch time, so I managed to open one eye and give her a wee purr before I went to sleep again. She took this picture of me and I want you to look at it closely.

This is our newest duvet cover and it has wee cloth roses on it which are quite lovely, BUT! one day, when I was in a very happy mood and this duvet cover was on, I ran into the bedroom, made a ginormous spring from the door and landed on the bed and right on top of the red rose, then skidded off the bed again with part of the red rose stuck to my adorable little paw. Ooops! It was funny, and fortunately my MH just laughed.

I know I am a very lucky pussy cat to have a MH who doesn't get angry very much, but I am careful not to push my luck 'cos every now and then, she opens the cupboard door and shows me the soup pot. No word are needed. I know EXACTLY what she is saying. Hee hee

We are just waiting for my DH to come home and then we will all have our dinner and after I have had another snooze, I shall go out a-playing and a-hunting and a-sniffing and generally just enjoying my adorable little self.

I hope you enjoy yourself tonight too.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lots of Fun

I have had a super day today. I was doing a lot of thinking last night, so I was quite tired and had a long sleep, but then when I wakened up, my day burst into brilliance.

It was the day for changing the beds and that, as you know, is one of my very favourite games and today was no exception. I hid under the clothes and I tunnelled my way up and down the inside of the duvet cover and I nearly got swinged into the air when my MH was shaking it, but I escaped just in time!

When it was all finished, I hid under my blanket and my MH told me that I was an under-cover super hero, and that made us both giggle. My DH came in then, but he doesn't understand what we giggle at and he just shakes his head at us and when he does this, his beard shakes too and this makes us laugh even more! Oh it is good fun.

We went into the gym and I played in the garden and then I went and had a wee while with the sheeps and had a chat with them and now I am just waiting for my dinner and then I shall head out and either be a super hero or terrorise my neighbourhood. Hee hee.

I haven't made up my mind yet.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Not much happening

Well, even a super hero needs a day off, and today is mine. I stayed up quite late last night watching golf on my television. My MH said she was going to bed early, but turned to the golf channel to see the score 'cos she was sure that USA would have beaten Europe, but when we saw the score, we were all hooked until it was finished. It was exciting.

I was up and out very early this morning and I told all the sheeps and the cows what I had seen, but they weren't interested 'cos they didn't know what golf was. That's a shame, sure it is? I tried to explain, but to be honest, I don't know much about it myself. Hee hee.

My MH played with me and my ball and we had good fun. It is my favourite toy and I love playing with it, especially when my MH plays with me.

In the afternoon my MH had a visitor and she made a fuss of me so I was very happy. I have done lots of little things today but nothing too serious and right now I am lying on the back of my couch, just thinking!

I think I might go out, but then I think it might be a bit wet, so I think I will stay where I am, then I think I might sit on my MH's knee, and right now I think that is the best option.

I think!