Friday, 30 November 2012

A Brilliant Day

I have had a good day and I managed to look after my DH very well and the Boss was pleased with me when she came home from her day out. I got a big special cuddle and a tummy tickle and I liked that a lot.

I was able to get out to play lots of times and me and my DH were in the garden and in our workshop so we have been busy but it has been good.

But the very best bit of my day was when my MH came home 'cos there was a letter addressed to ME and my DH left it for her to open it when I was on her knee so that I could see it.

Do you remember on one of my posts that I asked if an adorable little creature like me could cause mayhem and I asked for answers on the back of a £5? Well, my friends did just that!! Oh it did make us all giggle and my DH just shooked his head, but I gave it to him and he will put it in the box in the Cat shop to help some of the poor pussy cats, but it was SOOOOO funny!

Thank you very much to my very special friends.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happy Puss

I have had very good day today just doing whatever I feel like and I have felt like lying on my couch a lot and having little cat naps, so I am very well rested.

Both my humans were at home today and my DH's eye is much better and he said I was looking even more adorable than ever, so that is very good news. I am very pleased for him so we are all very happy.

My MH did some housework and then I took her into the gym but I played on the grass while she did her bike exercise and then she played with me. After that, I helped her wrap up some presents, but none were for me 'cos it has to be a surprise. I am getting a birthday present and some Christmas presents and my MH says they are coming from a far away place called Glasgow, so I reckon they will be extra special, which is only what I deserve!

She did some more of her sequin picture and I am beginning to see what it is now. Do I sound like Rolf Harris? It is a clown wih a big red nose and funny hair and I think it will be lovely. I watched her from the back of the couch and as soon as she put the last sequin in, I dived under my rocking chair and that is a sure sign that I need to play immediately and that's what she did.

We played with my mouse and I dived on and off my rocking chair and me and my MH had the bestest of fun until we were tired then we had a rest and I sat on her knee and purred lots and lots. She told me that I was going to be in charge of my DH and my house tomorrow as she is going into Kirkwall to meet her friends, so I shall do my best to keep him under control! Hee hee

In the evening my friend J. came to get all his instructions for when he is looking after me, but I shall give him his PROPER instructions when he moves in. I have already started making a list and I am sure we will have the brilliantest fun ever!

It is just a shame I won't be able to tell you all about it unless J. tells my MH and then she can tell you!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ho Hum

I have been a lonely puss today 'cos my humans were away into Kirkwall so that my DH could get his eye fixed and it was so cold, that the window had to be closed, so I just took to my bed and dreamed of mouses and all things lovely. I was nice and cosy, but when my humans came home they were so cold I had a very busy time giving them cuddles to warm them up again.

I nearly didn't recognise my DH 'cos he had a patch on his eye and I thought my MH had swapped him for a pirate, but when he spoke to me, I knew it was him. Hee hee

There is a beautiful full moon in my sky tonight so it will be a very good hunting night and I won't need to take my torch with me when I am looking for mouses and spiders and things, so I think I shall stay out very late and enjoy my dear little self.

I might even take my DH's patch with me and then the mouses won't know it is me and I will catch more of them.

Oh I do surprise my adorable little self with all these wonderful ideas. I just wish I wasn't so modest. Giggle!!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Good News and Bad News

It has not been a very good day weather-wise, so I haven't been outside much at all although I did go out with my MH to feed the birdies so they won't be hungry.

I can watch them at the front of my house as they eat from the bird feeder and I can also watch them on the birdie bath 'thingy' outside my kitchen window and there were lots of starlings around today.

My humans are going to Kirkwall tomorrow 'cos my DH has to get another catty-rack operation in his eye and of course the Boss has got to go with him to bring him home again, but that's Ok 'cos it's just for one day and I shall be fine. I just won't get as many cuddles as I should, but I know my MH will make up for that when they get home.

But that's not my news. Oh no, it's worser than that. My MH has just told me that they are going away for a week in December and they are going to Glasgow, and that's the bad news. I am quite sad, but there is good news too 'cos my friend J. is coming to stay at my house to look after me, so that will be good. AND, as you know it is my birthday on 15th December and my humans will be home for that with a very special present for me, so there we are. I shall be a whole three years old, so I suppose I should be a bit growed up now, but I like being a kitten so maybe I will be the Peter Pan of the cat world and just not grow up!

I think I would like that 'cos I could keep on playing for ever and ever, although that might get too much for my dear old humans! Hee hee

Monday, 26 November 2012

Not Much News

I have been a happy puss today just doing little odds and ends when I feel like it and resting whenever I feel like it too, so I am liking this doing whatever I want.

I helped my MH with the cleaning up but I took myself off to the bedroom when the you-know-what came out and I had a chat to my DH while he was working there.

It was a lovely morning so me and my MH went outside and I played in the garden while she went into the gym and then she played with me and we had super fun. After that, I lay on the back of my couch and watched as she did some more of her clown picture. She says it is hard, but when I am watching her it helps and we both like that.

I had just decided that I had rested enough and was going to nip out of the window when the rain came on, so I had a very quick change of mind and settled down to watch my MH playing on her Wii. She was doing table tennis today and she won so she was a happy MH and when she finished, I asked her if she would play with me, and of course you all know the answer. Who could refuse a request from an adorable little pussy cat like moi?

We played with my moose 'cos that is my very favourite toy just now and I jumped on and off my rocking chair chasing this moose on a stick and it was brilliant. I am sure my little legs are getting muscles with all this exercise.

Maybe if my MH chased mooses, she wouldn't need to go into her gym as often.

Oh dear, I have just got the funniest picture in my head of my dear old MH chasing mooses all over my little island. I think if our neighbours saw her, they might call for the men in the white coats to come and take her away! Hee hee.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Good Puss

That's what I have been today. I have been quiet and adorable and I haven't caused any mayhem or disruption. In fact, my MH asked me what I had done with the REAL Squeak--but it is me all the time. Hee hee

I have been on Plan A for a wee while but mainly Plan B today because of the weather. It is not as bad as I have seen on my television but it has been a bit wet and too cold to stay out for long.

My humans had chicken for their dinner and I got a wee drop as a treat and as soon as I had finished, I nipped outside and told my wee mouses friends, but I think that might have been a mistake 'cos they might try and get into my house to get some for themselves, so I shall have to be on my guard and keep them out.

It is fairly quiet on my little island just now 'cos all my cow friends are in the barns for the winter 'cos there isn't enough grass in the fields for them to eat so the nice farmer has to bring them some dinner every night. I wonder if they get chicken?

Me and my MH played with my favourite toy before she did a wee bit more of her clown picture, but I just watched her from the back of the couch and I didn't cause any trouble at all today, so that's why I have been a good puss.

I wonder if I can stay a good puss? What do you think?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

So Near!

I have been on Plan B today 'cos it is quite cold, but again it has worked to my satisfaction.

We all had a long sleep and then I lay on my couch and watched my MH as she tidied up, but we don't do a lot of housework at the weekend. That is my special time!

I went into the gym with her and I played on the grass until her wee legs were fit enough to bring her outside again and then she played with me for a while.

I have told you before that my MH likes doing craft work and she has started another sequin picture and this time it is the head of a clown which I think I will like when it is all finished, and this is where the so near bit comes in.

She got all her stuff organised on the table in my living room and had just settled down to read all the instructions, when I decided she needed my help, so I jumped up onto the back of my couch and then with a ginormous SPRING, landed on the table beside her.

WELL! Everything she had laid out so carefully landed on the floor and my dear MH let out a roar that I am sure they heard in Stromness and yours truly scarpered into my bedroom!

The only reason I am still able to write this post and am not simmering in some soup pot is only because she hadn't opened all the wee sequin envelopes, so it was just them she had to pick up, but I shake and tremble when I think what I MIGHT have done! Oops.

I think from now on, I shall offer my help from the safety of the back of my couch, but when you look at today's picture, can you really imagine such an adorable little creature causing so much mayhem?

Answers on the back of a five pound note please. Hee hee.

Friday, 23 November 2012


I have given Plan A a good run through today and so far it has worked perfectly, so I am absolutely delighted with my adorable little self, although I am a bit disappointed that I haven't had a rush of offers for my complete way of life plans. Perhaps the market is slow just before Christmas , but I think my ready made plans would make an ideal pussy cat present.

All is well Chez Squeak and I have spent most of my day giving the resting part of plan A a work out. I even let my MH go into the gym all by herself, although I was standing by ( well, lying by is nearer the truth) the phone in case she didn't return and I had to call for help, but in she came and gave me a big cuddle for looking after her.

My DH was away to the Cats shop today so my house has been very quiet which is how I like it.

The bad wind that my little weather man friend said was coming, didn't come here and I was out playing until it was very late last night and I shall do the same tonight. It is getting dark at about half past three now, and my MH has to draw the curtains at about four o'clock 'cos it is so dark, but she leaves the one at my window open so she can see me when I arrive back from wherever I have been. She can also see if I am bringing anything home with me that she doesn't want in my house, and if that happens, then the window doesn't get open until my DH has come round and taken whatever it is from me and then I get in.

They are quite ungrateful at times and don't realise the trouble I have gone to bring them these tasty wee titbits, but maybe their taste will change. I don't think my MH would ever go into the jungle like on my television 'cos she wouldn't eat all those disgusting things, but maybe I can persuade her to try a mouse or two!

We had a wee play with my favourite toy which I call my 'hoose moose', and we had great fun, so that helps keep my energy levels up and it helps my MH keep fit too, so we are both happy.

I hope you all have a happy weekend too.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Spot the Puss

No, I haven't changed my name, and no, there isn't another puss cat in my house, it's still me, but can you find me?

I was playing with my MH today and I was running all over my house with her chasing me, although she does chase me rather slowly, but then she has only got two feets while I have four, so that makes sense, doesn't it?

Anyway, we were playing hide and seek and this is where I hided and it took my MH a long time to find me and by the time she did, I was almost asleep and that's when she took this picture. I wasn't in the bed, 'cos I am not allowed there, but I just hided under the duvet and it was SO warm and cosy.

I think I might ask my MH to get me a duvet for my wee hoose in the living room for my birthday but then I might never go outside again if I was too comfortable.

My list of paw pals is still growing and I am loving writing to them all and reading all about them and what they do 'cos all their lives are so different to mine so I am learning lots and lots from all these pussy cat friends and I like that.

The big gale that we were supposed to have hasn't come yet, but sometimes it gets here a wee bit late, but if it is quite good then I shall be able to go out and play tonight until bed time so that should be good.

I am keeping my paws crossed that it stays good for me.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Good Day

I was out until very late last night and it was good, but there are not very many mooses about now as they have all gone indoors for the winter. I think I heard one in my loft, but I can't get up to it. I will try and borrow my DH's step ladders one day and go on the attack.

My MH had to go out for a while so I just had a snooze. I have decided that I like to snooze in the afternoon and then go out at night, but my little weather man friend says it is going to be very windy tomorrow, so I think we all might be having an afternoon snooze!

My humans are having a quiet weekend with no parties this time, so my MH has promised that she will play with me as much as I like and I think I will be liking it a lot.

There isn't very much news just now 'cos I am not doing very much, but I will tell you all about the wind if it does come. Sometimes it is so bad, that we find other people's things in our garden but nothing very serious, although one time, my MH had a wee gym which stood beside the house and the wind blowed it down and our friends had to come and help my DH carry in the treadmill and the bike before they got blowed away too.

In the summer after that, the builder came over and builded a new gym and that one has stood up to all the winds, so it must be a bit stronger. I like going into it with my MH and watch as she does all her exercises and then when she is finished, we play for a wee while in my garden and that is really good fun.

We will be going in tomorrow so I shall make sure she works hard.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lonely Puss

I have been all alone in my house today 'cos my humans went away into Kirkwall to do some shopping, so I just took to my little bed and had a lovely sleep.

I got a very special cuddle from my MH when she came home and I sat on her knee for a long, long time while she told me what they had been doing and they seem to have had a good day, but she missed me 'cos she doesn't like being away from me which is understandable.

As you know, I am always a very good pussy cat, but I need to start being extra good now 'cos it is getting near to my birthday and I will be a whole three years old! WOW! A fully growed up pussy cat.

I wonder what I will get for my birthday. I have lots of toys but there is always room for another one or two or three......!

I think I might stay in tonight 'cos it is raining and the lady on my radio said it might get very windy through the night, so I might just cuddle up beside my MH and have a good night's sleep.

But I might change my mind later on. Who knows? I will tell you tomorrow.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Just Normal

That's what today has been but I have liked it.

We had visitors at the weekend as I told you, so there has been lots of bed changing which means I have had lots of chances to play my very favourite game of hiding in between the sheets and then crawling inside the duvet covers and trying not to move. I try so hard that I don't even breath sometimes, but somehow my MH always finds me.

One time she didn't see me until she was just about to shake the duvet cover and it was only when she thought it was a bit heavier than usual, that she noticed I was there, which is maybe just as well, as I might have been shooked awful hard!

We played a wee while today which made me happy 'cos the weather isn't very good and I didn't really feel like going out, but I will try later on and go and see some of my wee mooses. If there is a moose in my house, is it a hoose moose? And if you live in Orkney, the answer is yes! Hee hee.

I like that and I hope you do too.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Quiet Sunday

It has been a very quiet house today and we all had a long sleep, although I had a short perambulation outside at seven thirty this morning so my MH had to get up and let me out, but I was soon back in and snuggled up in bed beside her.

All the dishes are done so the dishwasher has had a rest too, but my friend S. came up this afternoon and she and my MH played on the Wii. It is still OK 'cos S. isn't as good as my MH who practices a lot, but she is getting better, and being a very wise cat, I can see trouble ahead the first time that S. beats my MH! I shall make sure I am near an escape!

Apart from that all is quiet but I have a new paw pal, so the numbers are growing. I think I may have to get a special picture taken with my paw-signature on it so that I can send it to all my adoring fans.

One paw pal I haven't heard from is Zebby and his human M. so I hope they are both well.

I am going to have a wee play with one of my toys before we settle down to watch Strictly again. I wonder who will be going home? Oh dear.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Funny Saturday

As I told you yesterday, we were having new visitors to my house last night and I was sure that they would think I was adorable, and guess what? I was right! They cuddled me and talked to me and I was very happy.

My humans went away to their party and they didn't come back until it was late time, but 'cos the weather was good, they were able to leave the window open for me and I could get out to play whenever I wanted to. I listened for them coming home and ran to meet them and I got lots of cuddles.

Today has been a funny day 'cos my MH has been washing HUNDREDS of dishes! It's only us and my friend S. who have dish-washers, so they have been 'volunteered' to do the washing up after the party and for a three course meal for nearly forty people, that's a lot of dishes, but of course, I helped.

My MH told me a funny story when she came home. There was a visitor there last night who was telling a story and 'cos he was Orcadian he called a mouse a 'moose' and 'cos there were lots of mouses in his story, he kept talking about mooses and my MH thought that this was funny and she reckons that because I am Orcadian, I should talk about mooses too, now. Not the big American mooses of course, just the little house and field mooses, so I think I might give it a try.

She told me lots of stories so I have been happy today and I hope you have been happy too.

Friday, 16 November 2012

A Funny Friday

Now. Normally, Friday Chez Squeak is a fairly quiet day and the vacuum cleaner stays in it cupboard and I get my MH all to myself, but today is different and I had to find out why, so I shall share it with you.

Tonight is the annual party on my little island called the Harvest Home where everybody meets in the Hall to have a meal together and then there is live music and some dancing, lots of talking and laughing and a wee bit of drinking. This is to celebrate the end of the summer and the bringing in of all the crops on the farms.

We are having visitors to stay overnight so there has been cleaning and dusting and washing of lots of dishes for the meal, so I have been almost neglected. I was actually quite glad 'cos I might have ended up in the dish washer at one point as everything was going in there!

These visitors have never met me but I am sure they will think I am adorable too especially as I have been dusted and polished just for them. Hee hee!

I shall tell you all about it tomorrow 'cos my MH has promised that I can sit on her knee all day tomorrow and she will tell me what happened, so I shall pass it on.

I hope they all have a good time.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Business Offer

Today's picture is my serious face 'cos I have been thinking very hard and I now have a master plan which I am willing to share with all my adoring pussycat friends all over the world.

As you know if you read yesterday's post,-- and if you didn't why not?-- I have worked out plan A to keep me safe and entertained during the winter months and I also said that I would mull it all over and perhaps come up with a plan B.

Well. Yesterday, I gave plan A a good work out and it was just perfect, so I have decided that plan B just needs to be the same as plan A but with a little tweaking depending on the weather 'cos if it is clement---I like that word!--then I shall take my adorable little self out for as long as I feel like it, and then revert to plan A. And that, my dear feline and human friends is plan B in a nutshell, so I reckon I have the winter sown up to perfection.

Now, here is the business offer. If you would like a life-style plan worked out for you, I shall be happy to do that. I just need your age, your size, your living conditions and your weather and I shall do the rest.

I may need your credit card details or paw-kit money arrangements to cover any expense I may incur while devising these masterpieces 'cos when I think a lot, I get hungry, so my humans may have to buy in more sustenance for yours truly and I would like to be able to assist financially.

My charges will not be high and I may even be able to offer terms should the need arise, but I am sure you will agree that this is a masterpiece par excellence!

I need a feed now, 'cos I have been thinking a lot today, but I am sure you will agree with me that this is a plan like no other and that as well as being adorable, I am verging on genius!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Routine Change

I have been having some long thinks about life changing routines and I am now going to start trying them all out to see which one suits me best.

Since it is now nearly winter it is getting cold for me and my humans and while they can put on extra jumpers and things, you have to admit that I would look a tad silly with extra clothes on. I would still be adorable, but a wee bit silly looking. Hence the thinking!

It gets dark very early now and my MH had to put the lights on at three o'clock today and when it is is in the full winter, she sometimes has to pull the curtains about four o'clock in the afternoon, and I will tell you all about the gales later on 'cos that is another story altogether and this one is about ME!

So. My first plan which I tried out today is this. I shall waken my MH early in the morning and ask for a little light breakfast so that if the weather is fairly clement, I shall venture out into the quiet and the dark and see what the new day has brought to my little island. I shall return when I find I am in need of a cuddle or a biscuit or a snooze and I shall take to my bed for the rest of the day unless we have visitors and then I shall do the polite and honourable thing and greet them and allow them to adore me.

If, however, I am undisturbed, I shall sleep in whichever bed I feel most comfortable, even if this means moving around my house at regular intervals, since the appearance of the awful vacuum cleaner often necessitates this.

I shall snooze until it is time for my evening feed and then I shall lie on the back of my couch while my humans watch the television, and after a short seat on my MH's knee, I shall go outside to hunt and sniff and observe until it is time for a seat in the warmth of my house. I shall go in and out a few times during the evening until it is time for my night time sleep when I curl up beside my MH.

If I feel energetic enough during the day, I shall endeavour to get my humans to play with me and my toys and I must say, they generally jump at my first asking so I have no problems on that score.

That is plan A and to be honest, I haven't thought of a plan B yet, but I will do a bit of thinking and let you know what I come up with.

I am also open to any tried and tested suggestions if you feel like sharing these.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

No News

I have been such a lazy puss cat today that I have no news for you at all.

I went out very early this morning 'cos my DH had to get up to go to the toilet, so he gave me a wee biscuit, and as it was a fine morning, he opened the window for me and I went out and played long before all the other animals and birdies were even awake.

It was lovely and quiet and I stayed up for a long time until my MH had to go to the same place, and she wondered where I was 'cos it was only about half past seven. But! being a super clever MH, (as she keeps telling me!) she noticed that the window was open and worked it all out.

She called for me and I was under the bird feeder---just waiting for a wee chat from one of the birdies, you understand, so I nipped in the window and allowed her to make a fuss of me before we went back to bed.

It was cleaning the bedrooms day today, so I just had a sleep in whichever room the Hoover wasn't in, and I have been asleep for most of the day, but I did have a wee quick play with my MH. I have to be careful that I don't neglect her, but after my dinner, I intend heading out into the night to see what mischief I can get up to.

I hope you can get up to some mischief as well, if you want to.!

Monday, 12 November 2012


My MH said she should have put this picture on at Halloween 'cos I look quite frightening the way the light of her camera has caught my adorable little eyes.

I have a 'funny' eye and nobody knows how I got it 'cos I seem to have been born with it, but it is a slightly different colour to the other one. I can see very well and it doesn't bother me at all, but my MH tells me it makes me completely unique!

We are all very well today but the weather has been naughty again with wind and rain and I decided to stay indoors all day and save my energy for going out tonight. I let my MH go into the gym all by herself today 'cos I have worked out that if her little legs don't know what to do on her bike by now, they never will and there is nothing even I can do about it, so I stayed in my little bed till she came back.

My paw-pal collection is growing and I am getting more and more pussycats to write to. I won't tell you their names in case they are shy, but there is one here on the island, one in Canada, one in Australia, one in Germany and some in New Zealand, but lots in England. One pussycat has lots of brothers and sisters who are going to write to me too and there are even some doggies in that family who might write as well.

I might need a secretary if it all gets too much for my poor old MH. I shall keep my eyes on her to make sure I am not over working her! Hee hee.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Wee Bit Naughty

I wakened my MH at half past four this morning 'cos I was needing a wee cuddle so she did that for me and gave me a wee biscuit and went back to bed.

I had a wee snooze and then I decided that it must be getting up time and I wanted out to play so I wakened her up again. BUT! It was only half past six and she wasn't pleased, but she opened the window for me and it was then that I discovered it was windy and I was just on my way back to bed, when I was very gently lifted and put outside my door!

I wasn't best pleased I can tell you 'cos it was dark and cold, but after a wee while, she opened the door and called for me and we were soon wrapped up in our beds again. I might not do that again.

We played with my toys in the afternoon and me and my MH went into the gym but it was cold, so I didn't play on the grass but sat on the chair and watched her wee legs doing all their work.I am sure they could hook her up to a generator and we could get free electricity! Hee hee

I am intending going outside after my dinner 'cos as you know, I like the dark, but I will do a nose test for the coldness before I make my final decision, and of course I have to be inside to see the 'Strictly' results. I just love that programme and Lisa is my favourite this year, although Artem with his shirt off makes six legs go all wobbly---four from me and two from my MH!

Oh yes!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

No Words Needed

Isn't this the cutest picture you have ever seen? Pardon me if my modesty isn't quite as it should be, but I am adorable.

Now, normally I am not allowed in the bed, but I have my own blanket on the bed and I cuddle up on that, but! On Friday morning, my MH was up very early, so after she did all her housework, she decided to have a wee snooze and I lay on my blanket beside her and snoozed too and we were very comfortable.

When my MH got up, I was still a wee bit sleepy, and her bit was all lovely and warm, so I nipped in under the covers and cooried (nestled) down and it was so, so comfortable, I just fell asleep again, but as you can see, my MH found me and after she tooked this picture, I was gently lifted onto my own blanket. Shame, but I will try it again 'cos I liked it.

My friend S. came to my house this afternoon and played on our Wii with my MH. I watched for a wee while but my little ribs were so sore with laughing at them, that I decided to go to bed and sleep until they were finished and then I came back in and sat on S.'s knee and she cuddled me lots and I purred for her and we were both very happy.

It will soon be feeding time and then settling down time to watch 'Strictly'. Oh I do like Saturdays and I hope you do to.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Changing Puss

I have decided that I like to be indoors in the winter days having a snooze on my beds or on my couch and then going outside in the dark at night, and I am going out later and later every night and I am just loving it.

It was just me and my MH in my house today 'cos my DH was away to Stromness. I like it when it is just us girls 'cos we have wee chats and we play lots of games and she talks to me all the time.

Don't get me wrong. I love my DH and I know he loves me lots, but I seem to have trained my MH a lot better and she jumps at my every wish whereas my DH is taking a lot more time. I shall keep trying though.

I was up very early again this morning 'cos my MH had to go out but just for a wee while and I have an absolutely brilliant picture to show you tomorrow. I am saving it so that you will have a good weekend 'cos it is definitely an 'aaww' picture.

My friend S. is coming to my house tomorrow to play on my Wii with my MH so I must pick the best seat in my living room so that I can watch them without them seeing me laughing at what they are doing. Oh my dear friends I only wish I could use the camera and send you some pictures of them.

You would all be crying with laughter. They are so funny! Maybe I will learn how to take pictures one day. I shall watch what my MH does very carefully, and you never know!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Quite a good day...

That's what I have had today 'cos my MH was away shopping and it was just me and my DH in my house today.

I had a good day and I went out to play for a wee while and then had a big sleep until my MH came home and gave me an extra special hug and cuddle 'cos she misses me when she is away just as much as I miss her.

I helped her unpack all the messages and there was good news and bad news for this adorable peedie pussy cat! There was a box of my favourite dinner, so you can see this is the good news and THEN I saw the de-flea stuff and the de-worm stuff and that is definitely the bad news! I do not like it. I was all snuggled up on her knee the other night having a lovely time and a lovely dream when I heard the rustle of the dreaded STUFF! It was the de-wormer and I was caught before I could escape. I just hope they never invent a de-mouser as I will NOT stand for that at all.

I let my MH have a wee rest, although I sat on her knee, and then I demanded a wee play and she did just that and we played with my mouse on a string which is now my very favourite toy and then I was back to being the happiest pussy cat in the world.

I hope you are happy too 'cos it is good.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


What a horrible day! It has been raining and wind-ing and doing other horrible things that make a peedie pussy cat want to stay indoors and that's just what I have done.

My DH went away on the boat and he said the sea was all bumpy and it made the boat rock a bit and my MH went out for a wee while but she soon blowed back into my house again. Meantime, I stayed in my cosy wee bed and dreamed of sheeps and mouses and of being the fiercest hunter in the en-tire world until she came back again.

I helped her peel the potatoes for the dinner and then I thought I might venture outside so I politely asked her if she would open the door and I stood there for a while thinking about what to do, but before my MH could give me a 'gentle' helping hand outside, I was back on my couch! No way was I going outside in that. I would have needed wellies, a raincoat and a rain hat and I would NOT have looked terribly adorable in that outfit, would I?

I then gave my MH the signal to say I wanted to play with her and my toys and so we had good fun as she got down on the floor and I went up on the furniture and jumped down to her and she rolled me over and tickled my tummy, and I just loved that so we did it lots and lots of times until my little tummy was nearly rubbed away.

I did eventually go outside for some fresh air but I didn't stay out too long 'cos it was cold and it was still wet. I might go out later, but on the other paw, I might not!

I shall have a meeting with myself and then decide what is to be done.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What a Day

It has been wet and windy and not a day for adorable pussy cats to be outside. Not even intrepid little ones like me, so I have been in most of the day except for a quick scoot round the block!

I decided I might try and see what it was like and put my wee nose out of the door, but before I could get turned round to come back in, my MH helped me outside rather forcefully, I may add. I was nearly phoning the cruelty man!

However, by the time she shut the door and wandered into my living room, I was sitting on the living room window sill beating the window with my little paws until she let me in! That's a good picture isn't it? I wish I could draw. I would give me a very sad face to make it look really cruel! Hee hee.

We played with some of my toys and then I stopped right in the middle of the game to give my toenails a wee clip and of course the camera appeared.

My MH says I am having a 'paw-dicure'! Sure that's clever?

But she does keep telling me how clever she is, so I have to humour her! Bless!!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Have you ever seen....

.....a penguin with glasses? No. Neither have I. But then I am only little and I live where there aren't any real penguins, so I thought maybe there could be such a thing.

Now, I can hear you asking what am I on about, and I shall explain, but looking at today's picture might help you to see what I am rambling on about.

My MH was playing on her Wii and she did a new programme that I hadn't watched before and it was penguins trying to catch fishes, but when I went up for a closer look, one of the penguins had the same face (nearly) as my MH and it was wearing glasses and that's what got me thinking! Maybe I should stop thinking as I think it might be bad for my health!

Apart from that, I have had a very good day. I helped my MH do some house work and then watched as she did all her hard work in her litle gym and then we played in the garden, but the grass was very wet and all our feets were getting wet, so we went inside.

My humans put out lots of food for the birdies and I watched them having their dinner but I didn't disturb them 'cos as I have told you before---lots of times---I am a very good pussy cat.

I wrote my first paw-pal letter today and it was so exciting. My DH has made me a map of Britain and when I get a paw-pal, he puts a wee paw on it where they live so I am hoping to have it covered with little paws soon.

That would make me the happiest and adorablest pussycat in the en-tire world!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Exciting News

I am a very happy and excited pussycat and I have had a brilliant weekend. Me and my humans have been very lazy but we have been playing with my toys and I have had lots of cuddles so what more could I ask for?

WELL! I have a friend J. and she writes to me lots of times and she has come up with a BRILLIANT idea! I am going to have pussy cat pen friends!! I have called them Paw Pals and the idea is this. J. will ask the pussy cat's humans if she can tell me all about them and maybe send me a picture and then I will write to them and we then know all about one another. I have one already here on the island and one in Germany, but I have a new one this weekend making three, so I am ecstatic. (I am still a pussy cat---but an ecstatic one)

So, if there is anyone else out there in the great big world who would like to be my paw-pal,just let me know and I will write to you too. Sure that is very exciting?

My MH went away out visiting today and she made some pancakes before she went and then she left me in charge of my DH and we ate some of the pancakes 'cos he just loves them, so he was a happy DH too.

Today's picture is me very close to the camera 'cos I wanted to see what my MH was doing so it is a wee bit funny but I hope you like it.

Friday, 2 November 2012

A Good Day

Everything on my little island seems back to normal again and all the witches have disappeared so I am a happy puss.

I have been lazy today 'cos my MH was printing some of the pictures from the party and I sat on her knee while I looked at them and she told me all about it, so I have had lots of stories today and I will tell them to all my little mouses when I go out to play tonight. I prefer playing out in the dark than in the daytime, so that's what I will do.

My MH and me played with the mouse---not a real one!-- that my DH put on a stick for me and we had great fun and my little legs runned and runned until they were tired and I had to have a rest on the back of my couch and that's what today's picture is.

Now. If you have a good look at my picture, you will see a little gentleman ornament and this was given to my humans by my friends P. and H. from Germany, and every day I say hello to him and I am sure he smiles at me, so I think he is happy here and I am happy that he is here too.

I hope you all have a very good weekend and do lots of lovely things like what I will be doing.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Back to Normal

.....or as normal as my house can ever be! But at least my humans have looked a bit more human than they did last night, I am glad to say.

After we all had our tea and I was settling down for a wee seat on my MH's knee, she told me they had to go out and so they started to get ready. I had a snooze on my couch when they were doing this and when I wakened up and saw them, I thought I was still in the middle of one of my nightmares!

Oh dear, my dear readers, it was not a pretty sight! Not a pretty sight at all. There are pictures, but I would not like to frighten all my friends away. My DH was a scary wizard with funny paint on his face and a big cloak and pointed hat while my MH had her hair all sticking up. Her face was all painted with green eyes, pink cheeks and red lips and she had a sparkly skirt and top on with wings and she told me she was a 'Funky Fairy'. I sat on the window sill and was ready for a very quick getaway just in case it wasn't them.

I wasn't too sure, I can tell you, but when they came home and had a shower, they were them again and I was happy. Phew!

My DH put a lot of food out for the birdies today and my MH took this picture of me waiting to welcome them to our restaurant, but for some reason they didn't come until I had gone in.

I wonder why?