Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Very Quiet Day

I have learned something else today. I know what an X-ray is! My MH was away to Kirkwall today to get one of these on her leg and she told me all about it when she came home. I thought it was very odd but I didn't tell her that.

So, my day here was very quiet and I stayed in all day and looked after my DH in case he got lonely, so the picture you are seeing was taken a wee while ago and not today.


I was quite happy to stay in 'cos it is very cold and there were lots of snow showers, but not enough snow for this wee pussy cat to get out to play in it, so I sat on the window sill and just watched it while I was waiting for my MH to come home.

She brought lots of messages for my DH and for her and my very favourite dinners for me and I sat on her knee while she cuddled me and told me all about her day. I wonder if she will show me a picture of her bones? I wonder if I will like it? We had a wee snooze before dinner time 'cos the old dear was tired and she likes me when I cuddle in beside her, and to be quite honest, dear friends, I quite like it too.

I think my very loud purrs told her that!

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