Monday, 4 March 2013

Browned Off

Not browned off in a bored way. Oh no, I am too busy to be bored. No, it's more browned off in a painted way 'cos my DH is painting our gym and then our greenhouse, so he was all kitted out in his orange boiler suit and his big plastic goggles and off he went with his brushes and paint sprayer thing and paint tin. A very happy DH.

Me and my MH did our usual Monday things which means she hoovers and dusts and I hide while she hoovers, but play with the duster when she is trying to do something with it, and she giggles as she tries to keep me from knocking things over.

Every now and then we had to go outside to see how the painting was coming along and to take my DH his cups of coffee. This is the wee bit that worries me in case he gets his hands mixed up! But I think he was OK today.

Anyway it's when we were all outside that I nearly got browned off 'cos I went a wee bit too close to the wet paint and it was only my MH lifting me out of the way that saved me! Although I am sure I would still be adorable if I was black and white and brown.

We went back inside and my MH was cleaning the kitchen when I decided to attack one of the chairs and I played there a long time until she was finished.


Me and my MH had a long chat with the nice lady next door when she was in the field looking after her sheeps and she said it was OK for me to play with the little baby lambs as long as the mummy sheeps don't mind, so that's where I am off to tonight, but I shall have to remember not to go too near the gym in case I do get browned off and then I might be in trouble!

And that would never do.

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