Friday, 15 March 2013

Clever Puss

I can count! Just up to 10, but I can count!

Now, I know I have got your attention, so I shall explain. My MH was away to the farm up the hill to feed the chooks and the ducks and the cat and when she came back, she told me what she had been doing, so I sat on the chair and just looked at her, and she knew right away what I wanted.

I wanted to smell her fingers, so she held them out for me to have a good old sniff and as I put my adorable little snifter on each finger, my MH counted them out for me, so now I can count up to 10. Mind you, I went over each finger quite a few times, but my MH told me that humans usually have 10 fingers and 10 toes---but I don't sniff her toes! Oh dear me no, no, no!!

It is another good day and there are more and more birdies coming back to my little island so I have been watching them as some of them come to my bird feeder and they chirp away when they are having their dinner and I like to hear that.

We are having visitors at my house tonight so I have to be on my best behaviour. As if I am ever anything else! The lady who is coming likes pussy cats, but the man isn't too fond of other pussy cats, but guess what? He like me! Now there's a surprise!! Hee hee :))

I shall probably be nipping in and out a lot as the humans will be chatting, but I shall give them all a turn at adoring me and I am sure that will make them very happy, and I shall tell you tomorrow how we all get on.


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