Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cold Puss

Oh boy, it is a cold day and there have been some wee snow showers so yours truly has been in the house nearly all day.

My MH had to go to Stromness this morning so we were up early and I got an early breakfast which I gobbled up and then went back to bed!

She came home at dinner time so we played together and then I sat on her knee while she told me what she had been doing and after that, I went outside for a wee while, but it was for a very short time 'cos I was too cold. I prefer to lie on my couch where it is warm, or to sit on my MH's knee where I am very comfy.

Later in the afternoon, my MH was a bit tired so she decided to have a short snooze and I went in beside her and curled up next to her and purred till she went to sleep, and then I had a snooze as well.

So we are both up now and full of beans, but we are still not going outside!


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