Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter.......

......everyone! I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend and that you have lots of eggs to eat.

I have had a very good weekend so far. The weather has been brilliant, my humans are both at home, although my MH was out for a short while today, and I have been playing lots and lots outside, so what more could a  pussy cat could ask for?

I was up early 'cos the sun was shining and my MH fed me and left the window open so that I could get in and out as much as I wanted and I sat on my path and watched all the little birdies. Every day there are more and more birdies coming back and if I could count, I could tell you how many I have seen,  but I can't so I won't! Hee hee.

My MH went to see my friend Sian with my other friend M. and they had tea and cake and a long blether, so I helped my DH finish off the greenhouse and then I just sat on the grass.

Earlier in the day my MH had a chuckle when she saw me 'cos she had looked for me in all my usual places but couldn't find me and then she looked into our spare room and there was yours truly spread out on the bed at full stretch 'cos the sun was streaming in through the window, and I was toasting my adorable little tummy! But oh, dear friends, it was wonderful and I was SO cosy! I just loved it, so I purred at her and she went away and left me to cook!

I haven't seen the Easter Bunny yet, but I saw my MH's enormous Easter Egg, but she hasn't opened it yet so maybe I will ask her to send a picture if it to you before it disappears.

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