Sunday, 10 March 2013

Just Another Sunday

 A quiet lazy day Chez Squeak although my DH has been busy working outside and fixing things that had got a wee bit broken, so my MH is happy.

I have been outside quite a lot but just for short times 'cos it is very cold and my little weather man friend said it might snow, so I didn't go too far away in case the snow comed on and I got snowed on 'cos I don't really like that, but it didn't snow, so I am happy.

 So really we are all happy. My DH 'cos he has finished his work, my MH 'cos all the broken bits are better now, and me 'cos I am inside and warm and dry and not snowed on. Sigh :)

My friend S. came to see me again and she cuddled me and called me her ickle wickle and that always makes me smile and then I give her big loud purrs which she likes, so that's somebody else who is happy.

We all had a chat---me, S. and my MH--and then they played on the Wii again, but this time there was no bum wriggling so it wasn't just as funny, but S. gets annoyed when my MH beats her, which I am afraid, is quite often. But then my MH plays her Wii a lot so she should be good.

Actually, she should be better than she is, but I'm not telling her that! Hee hee.

So now I am having a rest and then I shall go outside later on if the snow still hasn't come on. I hope you are happy and that you have had a good weekend.



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