Sunday, 17 March 2013

Lazy Day

Another lazy Sunday chez Squeak which suits me fine. We all had a long sleep although me and my MH were up about five o'clock but we soon nipped back to bed again for some more snoozes.

It is very cold, so I decided I would be an indoor cat for a while and me and my MH played with my toys which gives us both some exercise.

Then she made some more pancakes 'cos my DH had eaten all the others, so I got a wee Squeak sized one as usual and I liked that. After that, my MH went away to feed the hens and ducks and pussy cat before she came to play some more with me. She told me all the hens and ducks were well behaved and didn't fly at her which made her happy, but she has never seen the pussy cat yet. She fills  up the feeding bowl and puts it where the pussy cat knows it will be and when she goes back the next day, all the food is gone, but still no pussy cat. Funny, eh?

Later on in the afternoon my friend S. came to see me and my MH and I got a lot of cuddles from her and my little purrer was working so loud, it made her laugh. She has a pussy cat too, but it doesn't purr or squeak like I do.

But then, I am unique, am I not?

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