Monday, 18 March 2013

More Trouble

But it is me this time! It is still a bit cold although the snow hasn't arrived, so I have spent most of my day on my couch.

However, I did get into a bit of trouble earlier this afternoon, and I thought you might like to hear about it. My MH decided to make some wee fruit buns and she was busy baking, so I took up my position on the chair beside her and then I thought I might like to go out, so I pushed the inside door open and stood looking at the outside door.

So. My MH had to stop what she was doing, wash her hands and dry them and then come to open the door for me, and as soon as she did this, I felt the wind on my delicate little body and shot right back into the kitchen. She was not best pleased but returned to her baking.

I sat and watched some more and then decided that maybe I SHOULD have gone out, so I pushed open the inside door and sat staring at the outside door and I even did a little squeak. So. MH stopped what she was doing, washed her hands and dried them and opened the door for me, but this time, she shut the inside door first, so when I decided that it was still too cold and tried to run back into the kitchen, she caught me and very quickly but very gently put me outside and shut the door!!

I didn't know the old dear could move that fast! I had the wit to stay out for a good wee while and then when I came in the baking was finished so me and my MH played together and I was forgiven.

This is me ringing for attention!

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  1. Sadie does the exact same thing. Wind is not her friend, and sometimes she has to be 'encouraged' to go out. :)