Monday, 25 March 2013

Much Happier Today

 I am so clever. Last night my little weather man friend was on my television and I went right up to him and asked him if he could give me some better weather 'cos I was getting worried about my humans.

You see, being a very energetic pussy cat, I need out to play and I need lots of exercise, so when the weather isn't good, I rely on my humans to give me all the exercise I want and this means they have to get down on the floor and play with me, and sometimes they get tired before me.

BUT. If my little weather man friend sends me good weather, then I can get outside lots of times during the day, and this gives the old dears a bit of a rest, and if he gives me weather with no wind, then they can leave the window open for me and they don't even have to get up. See?

And guess what happened? My little weather man friend heard me, and sended me good weather today and we are all very happy. My DH and me were in our greenhouse for a long time and he has started to get it ready for all our plants and after my MH finished all her housework, I took her into the gym and I ran and ran outside while she played on her bike and her walking machine. So we have all had lots of exercise and I will get lots more when I go outside tonight after our dinner.

Right now, I am having a rest on my chair with one of my toys beside me and I am a very happy puss.


I hope you are happy too.

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