Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Not Doing Much

That's just me! My humans have been busy as they normally are on a Wednesday. My DH went to the Cat Shop in Stromness and my MH always goes out for a wee while on a Wednesday, but she comes home soon and plays with me and cuddles me.

It was a cold morning and there was some snow on the ground, so I went out to play for a while before my MH went away, but she made me come inside before she went out 'cos she didn't want me to get cold and it was too windy to leave the window open,  so I just went back to my little bed and had a snooze till she came home.

She had been to feed the hens and ducks and the pussy cat and she told me all about it. She said they were well behaved and they didn't jump on top of her which made her happy. We had a quiet afternoon and I watched her as she was doing her ironing and, as usual, I paddled in the basin and then sprinkled my MH with cold water when I shooked my adorable little paws after I took them out of the basin!

I had another venture outside and I rolled and rolled on our path 'cos that is one of my favourite things to do and that's when my MH took this picture of me. I think I look as though I am having a big think, which I probably am 'cos I do a lot of thinking and my humans are always saying that they wish they knew what I WAS thinking, but that might get me into trouble sometimes. Hee hee :))


I am now lying on my MH's knee  with my little head on her laptop as she is writing this and every now and then, she tickles my lugs and that makes them twitch, but then she rubs them and tickles my adorable little nose and that sets my purrer off so that she has to turn up the volume on the television 'cos she can hardly hear it. Oops!

It is beginning to get windy, so I might just stay on my MH's knee until bed time, but on the other paw I might go outside again.

Who knows? But I will tell you tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness ! You did make me laugh ... "My MH always goes out for a wee on a Wednesday". Now I know they do things differently up there, but I was just starting to fret about her going outside in this cold weather, and why always on a Wednesday, when I realised I had misread what you wrote. She goes out for a "wee while". Phew ! What a relief. As if an adorable puss like you would make such a silly mistake. Please excuse me for being such a daft old bird.

  2. Oh Rosemary, you made me chuckle. You also put a picture in my adorable little head that shouldn't be there!
    My MH keeps using 'wee' a lot and I keep telling her that although she is Scottish, I am Orcadian, so she should be using the word 'peedie' which is Orcadian for 'wee'. If she did this, then people wouldn't get mixed up, but she won't listen! I shall have to keep trying.