Wednesday, 27 March 2013

STILL Happy!

 I have had another brilliant day and me and my humans have been outside all day doing lots of work and I listened to the birdies singing as I rolled on the path and then ran round and round the grass. I liked it a lot!

Our greenhouse is sparkling now and all ready for all the little plants. My DH borrowed my MH's window machine and he washed all the greenhouse windows while I watched him.

Then my MH took it back 'cos she was washing her car windows which were all salty and sandy, so I think everybody on my little island is a lot safer now that she can see! Hee hee :))

So we have all had a good day. I like it when we all get outside together and my humans can leave the windows and the door open for me, so I can come in whenever I want 'cos sometimes I play so hard that my adorable little tummy gets quite empty and I have to come inside and full it up again. I do like my food and my MH knows this so she makes sure she always has plenty for me. She doesn't want me complaining, now, does she?

I hope you like my picture today. My MH took it when I was sitting on the outside window sill and as well as seeing me, you can also see the view we have from my sitting room window. I like it and so do all our visitors.


And I hope you do too.

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