Monday, 19 August 2013


I am feeling a lot chirpier today and I am a lot happier so that is very good news. My weather still isn't as good and warm as I would like, but at least the gales aren't blowing any more and I am not getting soaked as soon as I put my adorable little head out of my door.

As you know, it is Monday, and that means cleaning Chez Squeak and my poor old DH got roped into it as well this morning. He just didn't escape to our greenhouse quickly enough before the Boss caught him.

However, it was just a quick job and as soon as he was finished, me and him scooted into the greenhouse and had a wee chat together and a wee chat to our tomatoes and we managed to spin that out for a long time until her indoors was finished.

We have been bringing lots of tomatoes in every day and that makes the old dear happy and me and my DH get brownie points and that's good. I get big cuddles when I come in, but my poor old DH doesn't! That's a shame, sure it is?

I went out late again last night and I really love being a night time pussy cat. I stayed out until about half past three this morning and then went straight to sleep when I went home and I had a very long snooze and didn't get up  till quite late this morning.

There really isn't any point in getting up out of my cosy little bed when my MH is flying around the house with the hoover and the dusters, is there? It is better if I stay out of her way.

I did go into the gym with her though and helped as her little legs did some cycling and then we had a wee wander round our estate and talked to some of the flowers and we all liked that.

She has bought a new camera so I have been photographed millions and millions of times and now I am just a tired, adorable, pussy cat! It is very exhausting having to smile all the time!!  Maybe I should become a grumpy Squeak! I shall have to have a think about that.


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