Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Climbing Puss

I know you all know that I like climbing and that I am a very inquisitive (adorable) pussy cat. Well, today I climbed to even higher heights much to the surprise of my humans.

My MH has been in a spring-cleaning type of mood and that usually involves my DH as well 'cos she needs him to reach the bits she can't. I did tell you my MH is just little, didn't I? She is bigger than me, of course, but not as big as himself.

Anyway, she decided that she wanted a clean out of the big bookcase in our bedroom and has to take the step ladders in to reach up to the top.

They took all the books off the shelf to do some dusting and when they weren't looking, I nipped up the step ladder and sat on the top shelf looking down at them which made them giggle. My DH said that if I had been twins, they could have used us as book marks, but I had a bit of strop then and told him that I am unique.

There is only one Squeak and that is me--the adorable one! He got the message loud and clear.

I had good fun when they were doing all the cleaning 'cos I was able to get into bits that I hadn't been in before and I was able to climb up and down the ladder as often as I wanted. Sadly, 'cos my humans were busy, they didn't have a camera, so I cannot show you the photographs of what I was doing, but I am sure you can picture me in your mind.

I have been playing outside quite a lot today as well, but I am happiest when I can play with my humans, so I hope my MH keeps in this cleaning mood, 'cos I like it a lot.


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