Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sleepy Saturday

It hasn't been a very nice day today so I haven't been outside too much. The sun shone for a wee while and I went to play and I was getting all set to have a lovely day playing and hunting and sniffing and doing lots of pussy cat things when the rotten old rain came on and the wind started to blow on me, so I went inside where I found my MH sitting on the couch and I nipped up on to her knee and had a snooze.


We had a long cuddle and she told me that she had missed me lots and that made me happy. I did have a wee word with her about the fact that there is no room for me in her camera as it is still full of holiday pictures, but she assured me that I would be in it again soon, so be on the look out for new pictures of yours truly.

I don't have much news at all for you but the other night my humans were out and they left the light on and the window open for me, but when they came home, my living room was full of daddy-long-legs and I was busy jumping around the house trying to get rid of them all, but with the help of my DH we managed to get them all out of the window and my MH closed it tight!

She doesn't like them so she keeps the window closed normally, but she had to leave it open for me and that's how they got in. Oh dear.

I hope you are all doing well and I hope that I can get some better weather tomorrow as I need to be out playing and running. There are some baby cows in my field so I need to get to them and see how they are getting on but I don't go when it is wet 'cos I am in danger of putting my adorable little paws in something rather not very nice, if you get my drift!

I don't think the Boss would let me in if I came back with paws covered in you-know-what!

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