Thursday, 15 August 2013

So Busy

I have hardly stopped today. I have been a very busy puss doing all the things I love.

My humans have both been at home and they were each doing their own thing, so they didn't need me to look after them and I could go and play all by myself as long as I wanted. I love my humans dearly, and I love being with them and sitting on my MH's knee and getting my adorable little tummy rubbed, but it is the bestest fun in the world when I can run in the long grass and play and run and jump without a care in the world, and that's what I have been doing today. Magic, sheer magic!

So that's been my day. I'm afraid I was out very late this morning and didn't come home until about half past three, but my humans don't mind 'cos I come in very quietly, have a wee biscuit and a drink and then I snuggle up beside my MH who, by this time, is sound asleep and snoring.


I had a bit of a long lie but when I got up I noticed that it was a lovely warm day with no wind and no rain and so I was off!

I lay on my path for a while to work out what I would do with my day and I had a couple of wee roly-polys on my path while I decided, and that always makes my MH smile, so once I knew she was happy, I nipped through my fence and disappeared into the long grass which I call my happy hunting ground and I was there for hours and hours until my little tummy told me it was beginning to get empty so I took it home and my MH was happy to see me and she gave me my dinner and a great big cuddle.

She always does the same thing when she gives me my dinner. She puts the bowl on the floor, then she pats my back and runs her hand up my tail telling me that I am the bestest puss in the whole world, and I just purr in agreement.

After all, MHs are always right, sure they are?

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