Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Still Happy

I am still having a great time and I was outside nearly all day today which is my favourite place to be.

My poor old MH is still doing lots of washings so we were outside hanging them up and then when she was finished, she played with me in my garden and I liked that. I like being outside but I like it the bestest when my humans are with me 'cos they play with me and that makes me very happy.

I took my DH into the greenhouse and we picked some wee tomatoes for my MH and I asked her to take a picture of them so that you could see what I have been doing. My DH thinks they are his, but I know they are mine 'cos my tomatoes always look happy and you can see that these ones are happy.

Later in the afternoon, me and my MH went over to the field to see my little friends the baby cows and she took her camera with her so you could see them too. They were all playing and I nearly went in beside them, but my MH adorable little tummy told me it was getting empty, so I went into my house for my dinner. Maybe I will play with them tonight.

I am very pleased with my MH today 'cos she has done everything I have asked her and she has taken lots of picture.

I will give her a very special purr and a big cuddle tonight.

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