Thursday, 1 August 2013

Super Fun

I have been helping my MH today and I have had great fun doing it. I was so full of energy this morning I nearly tired the old dear out before lunch time! Hee hee.

It was bed-changing time and you know that is my favourite game. My MH was washing all the sheets and stuff from the beds that me and my friends slept in while my humans were away and it was when she was putting the clean sheets and duvet covers on that I gave her a wee help, and I know she liked it.

I had been outside playing but came in just in time 'cos I heard her in the spare room and I bounced in and made a ginormous leap up on to the bed and then decided I would chase my tail which I do quite a lot.

Well. I went round and round and round and at one point I nearly fell off the bed, but just managed to stick my adorable little claws in to the mattress in time. I love chasing my tail and what I have noticed is that when I have been going round really fast, when I stop, my eyes don't! They keep going round in my head and this makes me a wee bit dizzy so I have to lie down for a minute. But then I am ready to start again!

I'm afraid my dear old MH had to struggle a bit to get the beds made as yours truly was helping, but it seemed to take her a long time and I was lifted off the bed quite a lot, but I was so happy and in such a good mood that I just kept jumping back on again and this made her laugh a lot.

After all her work was done, we went outside for a while and I used up a lot of my energy running and climbing and I am sure I heard my MH heaving a great big sigh of relief!!


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