Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Fine Day

I have had a good day 'cos I have had company all the time. My DH didn't go to the Cat shop 'cos it was a wee bit very windy on my little island and he didn't want to get blowed on, so he just stayed home which meant that he was here with me while my MH had to go out and that made me happy. I am a contented puss and happy in my adorable little self, but I am at my happiest when my humans are here to play with me and shower me with adoration :-))

Me and my DH just rested and I played while he read his book and then when I heard my MH coming home, I ran to meet her and she picked me up and gave me a great big cuddle and then I sat on her knee while she checked all her messages and she told me a very interesting thing. We got a message from our friends P. and H. in Germany and they know of a pussy cat in Perth and guess what the puss is called? YES! Squeak---just like me, but maybe not just as adorable. That's what they said! There is another Squeak in Orkney, but we haven't met yet. Maybe one day. I like being Squeak and it suits me very much 'cos I still make funny squeak-like noises instead of meow-type noises, so my name definitely suits me. My humans were very clever when they picked that name for me, and I like it.

After we had caught up with all our news from everybody, I asked my MH to play with me and the old dear got down on the floor again and we played with my toys and at one point I decided it was much more fun to play with her feets so I gave them a great big Squeak hug but unfortunately, my little claws were kind of sticking out a wee bit and went into her little feets again! Oh dear, they were just healing up after the last time I accidentally punctured them. Shame!

I am afraid I tired her out a wee bit 'cos I seemed to have an awful lot of energy today and I was springing all over my living room, on top of the chairs and on top of the big unit where I am definitely NOT supposed to be, but I decided I wanted to say 'hello' to the little bonsai tree and I think he was a bit surprised to see me. I know my MH was surprised to see me up there, but I climbed down when she very politely asked me to. I have learned it is always wiser to do as she asks!

So, that's why I have had a fine day and I am now settling down for a snooze before heading out in the wind later on.

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