Friday, 31 October 2014


You may have noticed that I didn't write to you yesterday? Well that's because I was lost. For hours and hours and hours, and my poor humans were frantic with worry about me. And to be honest, dear reader, I was none too chuffed either.

Here is my tale of woe. it was a fine day yesterday, so about half past two o'clock, I nipped out of the window telling my MH that I was going out to play but I wouldn't be too long. So far so good. Now, I noticed that the big shed that I just love going into, was open, so I gaily sauntered down my path and had a good look inside. And you all know what happened, don't you? Yep. I got locked in.

I was in the middle of an extremely deep exploration, when the son of the nice farmer next door came in to move some machinery. He is a nice man too, but I wasn't sure if he would be happy at me being in there, so I hid. I must have hided very well, 'cos he never saw me and when he tooked his machinery out, he locked the door with me still inside. Oops.

So, about four o'clock, my humans decided that I had been away longer than usual and came out looking for me. It was so sad 'cos I could hear them calling, but they couldn't hear me so they just went away again. About five o'clock, my MH noticed that the big shed doors were closed and so she sent my DH down to see if I was there, but when I heard him opening the door, I was frightened, so I hided again and HE didn't see me and closed the door again. Oops number 2!

They looked all evening for me and my MH said by this time she was crying and had a terrible feeling 'cos she loves me millions and she thought I might be hurt somewhere and couldn't get home and that made both my humans very sad. So, because my MH had to get up very early this morning, she was going to bed about ten o'clock and she asked my DH to have another look in case I had managed to get myself nearly home and oft he went again with his boots and coat and hat and torch. I could hear him whistling and calling and I did try to meow back as loud as I could and suddenly I heard the door opening and this time I decided that I didn't care who it was, I was out of there. So, as soon as the door opened, I scooted out and my DH was very, very happy and tooked me home and it was only when I was back in my house that he noticed that I was a wee bit covered in muck, but he didn't care.

He shouted to my MH that I was home and safe and not hurt and she came ---I was going to say 'running' into the kitchen, but my poor old MH doesn't do running, but she came as fast as her little legs would go and picked me up and gave me the biggest cuddle ever. She didn't care that I was dirty and made her jumper all mucky she was just very happy to see me home again, and not hurt.

She tried to clean me but I said I would do it, so would she please feed me as I was almost starving to death which was a slight exaggeration, but I HAD missed my dinner AND my supper.

I was very happy to be free and back in my own house and I have had a very quiet day today just getting over the shock and trauma, but I think I will need lots of cuddles before I am right again. Hee hee.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Just Normal

I quite like my Wednesdays even though I am left on my own for a while, but since it is just for a little time, I don't really mind too much.

We were all up quite early and I sat with my MH while my DH got ready to go away to the Cat shop and we had a chat about what we might do with our day before she had to go away out too. I went outside with her 'cos it was lovely and quiet on my little island and it wasn't winding or raining so I was a very contented little Squeak.

My DH had just fed the birdies so there were lots of them at our feeder and I just sat under it and watched as they had something to eat. I sit there lots of time in case one falls off its little perch and of course, I would catch it and help it back up again! OK, even I am blushing when I write that! It is a wee bit of a fib, although I don't hurt little birdies mainly because they fly away before I can get to them. Anyway, I sat there for a while and it was just lovely. I saw some birdies and some boats and then I saw a little car and I knew it was my MH and I ran to meet her and that made her very happy. She lifted me up and gave me a great big cuddle and then we sat on the couch for a while and had another chat.

We had a rest for a while until she had to play with her iron and after I saw her putting all the things away, I asked her would she please play with me and you don't get any prizes for guessing the answer. We had just settled down again when the nice farmer lady from next door came in to see me so we all chatted together and she told me that she had seen a little robin birdie in her garden. I have never seen one of those, so me and my MH are going to keep looking in our garden and see if we can find one. I think I would like that and my MH told me that robin birdies are her favourite although she likes owl birdies too and I have never seen one of those either.

I think I still have a lot to learn.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Fun Day

I have had a really good day today, both inside my house and outside. The weather hasn't been too awful, so I have been able to get outside whenever I have wanted. There isn't very much to do outside just now 'cos lots of my little birdie friends have gone away on their holiday to where it is warm and lots of my lady cow friends are away in other fields and are getting ready to go into the byres for the winter, so to be honest, I get a wee bit lonely when I am outside. It is too cold for my humans to come out and play with me, but sometimes we do have fun together when my DH is going into our greenhouse or my MH is hanging out her washing, but it's not as good as during the summer.

So. Me and my MH had a chat about it and we decided that we would play more together in my house and I just had to ask whenever I felt the need and that's just what I have been doing. When I want the old dear to play some games, I do what she calls my 'funny run' and I run in front of her, usually into our bedroom or up on the back of my DH's chair.

If I run into the bedroom, she follows me in and covers me in my blanket and then tickles me and rolls me over the bed and I love it MILLIONS! We play that game lots and lots of times and then sometimes I just ask her to stop, but I stay under my blanket and have a snooze and my MH stays with me for a wee while and strokes my adorable little head until I am snoring.

However, if I run into the living room and on to the chair, then that is the signal for her to pick some of my toys and we play together on the floor and I like that too. That's what we did today and she tooked a couple of pictures for you to see just what we were doing, so I hope you like them.

I just have one question. Does my bum look big in this chair? Hee hee. Oh dear, I am rolling about laughing and I hope I have made you smile a wee bit.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday, Monday

Nearly just a normal Monday, but not quite 'cos me and my MH were up in the middle of the night this morning. Oops, that sounds funny, doesn't it? I had better explain. Remember I told you that my MH sometimes helps in our wee Post Office? Well she is doing some more mornings and she has to get up very early and it was quite dark, but I was a very brave little puss and went out to play for a while after I had gobbled up my breakfast.

I wandered over to see my little birdie friends and I think I gave them a wee bit of a fright 'cos when a little one opened its eyes the first thing it saw was ---- can you guess? Yes, it was me, Squeak, and the wee birdie tweeted a 'good morning' to me, so I purred back again and then all the others wakened up and asked me why I was out so early, and of course I told them.

I watched my MH go away down the road and then nipped back to bed and had a sleep till she comed home again to me and by this time my DH was getting ready to go away to the Cat Shop, so it was just me and the old dear left and once we had the house to ourselves we had one of our girlie chats which I love and then I had the last wee drop of milk when she finished her breakfast before I headed out to play again. She tooked out all her dusters and polishes and brushes and of course, the awful vacuum cleaner, but we had a good time when she had finished 'cos she decided that we must be tired so we went and had a snooze for a while and she cuddled me and I loved it, but then I always do.

I had another play in the afternoon and used up all my energy wandering up and down my little garden. I have been playing at the front of my house because the grass at the back is still very wet and I don't really like getting my adorable little paws wet and also because I can sharpen my claws when I am out there and that keeps this little pussy cat in tip top condition.

And you wouldn't want me any other way, would you?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Spot the Puss

Can you find me? I'll give you a wee minute and then you will manage.

OK? Don't I look cute? I know I always look cute, but I think this is a wee bit special. You will have worked out that I was able to get out to play for a while today as the wind wasn't too bad and I am such an intrepid little Squeak that I didn't let it bother me one little bit. I played for quite a while on the wee garden in front of my house 'cos there is no grass on that bit, so my adorable little feets didn't get wet.

I didn't stay out too long 'cos it is quite cold, but I had a good play every time my humans let me out. I normally went out the door but always came back in the window 'cos that's where the humans were. We have all had a lazy day today and just did little bits of things which was good and the bestest bit was when I sat on my MH's knee and watched Andy Murray win his tennis match. Boy! It was exciting and me and my MH have no voices left 'cos we were shouting at the television to make him win. I wonder if we shouted at his mummy tonight, she might dance a wee bit better. Nope, I don't think we can shout THAT much!!

My humans did something with all our clocks today and somehow it has made it darker earlier than usual, so I shall have to ask her about that later when we have our voices back again. Hee hee

So there we are. Another weekend has finished and we are all back to our normal routine again. I have had a good time and I hope you have had a good weekend too and that your week will be a happy one.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


..... apart from the fact that I have been a very happy Squeak because both my humans have been with me all day, I don't have anything else to tell you.

It has not been a very nice day weather-wise so we have all been inside a lot. To be honest, I think my dear old MH was happy to be in 'cos she was tired after being away all day yesterday and she told me something which has confused poor little me. She told me that she had seen the doctor and that she is getting another hip sometime. Now. She already has two, so where is she going to put another one? I am confused, but I will ask her when she isn't tired and then maybe I won't be confused any more.

She did make us a fruit loaf 'cos we all like that, but we spent a lot of time on the couch having little chats and that's when I am the happiest, although I am also at my happiest when she plays with me and she did that too today. I was a little bit naughty this afternoon. I have just read some of my blogs and I have noticed that I have been a wee bit naughty quite a lot lately. Maybe I should start being good. Er, NO!

Anyway, I need to tell you what I did. My MH was in my kitchen doing her baking and I decided I would go out. Maybe I should rephrase that. I decided that I WANTED out. I asked politely, as I always do, and the old dear stopped and opened the door for me, but then I saw that the wind was blowing a lot and I said 'no thank you' and shot back into the kitchen. MH not happy but understanding.

I sat on the window sill for a while and then decided to try again, so I asked again, and she stopped again and opened the door again. Wind still howling. Me not happy and back in the kitchen. MH more not happy and less understanding! After another wee while on the window sill I decided to have another go and I am afraid there are no coconuts for guessing what happened. Me asking. MH stopping and opening door. Me looking and scooting back into kitchen and poor old MH roaring at me for being just a little bit naughty!

However, she understood and tooked me to the living room window and as soon as I saw that the wind wasn't just as bad at that side of my house, I was off, so me and MH were both happy---at last!

Oh, and she finally finished making her cake!!

Friday, 24 October 2014

So Quiet

My day has been very quiet 'cos I have been in my house all alone and all by myself today. I did manage to have a little play though 'cos we were all up very early and I nipped out for an early morning perambulation while the old dears were having their breakfast.

It was a fine morning but just a bit breezy, so my MH had to keep the window closed and when I saw that, I just lay on my little bed and waited for them to come home. I was fine as you can imagine because my humans had left me plenty of food and water, and my house is always cosy, so I had a very comfortable snooze.

I did have one visitor and that was the postie man who came to my house with some letters and I was in the porch when he opened the door, so he said hello to me and I gave him a little purr. If my window had been opened and if I had been lonely, there are lots of places I could go so see my friends. I could visit the nice farmer next door or I could go up the hill and see my friend M. and if I was really brave, I could go away to the other side of my island and see my friend S. although I am not too sure if her puss cat would be very happy with me just turning up. I shall ask her sometime.

The time passed quite quickly and soon I heard the door opening again and when I ran into my kitchen I saw my humans and my MH lifted me up and gave me a great big cuddle and told me she had missed me millions. We sat on the couch while she told me all the things she had been doing and then because she was a bit tired, we went and lay down on the bed for a while and I purred and purred and she snored and snored so we were both very happy.

My routine is right back to normal again and I am snoozing on my couch before I head outside later on. My little weather man friend has said that the wind has to be very bad over the weekend, so I reckon I need to get as much exercise before it arrives. I do not like the wind at all!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

No News

I don't have anything to tell you 'cos I haven't done very much at all, but I have been very happy doing nothing.

My MH did her usual housework and my DH did some 'footering' but nothing too important. Footering is one of my MH's favourite words and it means just doing wee bits of this and that, but nothing too big, and that's what he was doing. I was very busy watching them both and settling down on various chairs to sleep 'cos watching makes me a tired puss.

I went out quite a lot of times and played on the grass but every time I comed home again I had to shake my adorable little paws to make them not wet. I made my MH laugh 'cos as I was walking through the kitchen I was going walk, shake left back paw then walk, shake right back paw and then I did it all over again lots of times until I got fed-up and just sat down and licked them dry!

I wasn't in the mood to play today as I was more in the mood for resting and contemplating and that's why I don't have any news for you although I can tell you that I got some fish for my dinner as a special treat. It was real straight out of the sea fish and I just loved it and gobbled it up.

I will play outside for a while later on but I have been told that I have to come home at a decent hour as the old folk are going away on the early boat tomorrow and my MH needs her sleep, so I will TRY and be good, but I can't promise as I never know what I will find when I go out.

I will tell you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Not a Bad day

I have had quite a good day and I have still managed to get out to play a few times which is just fine. The grass all over my little island is very wet and there have been lots of awful heavy showers which yours truly has managed to get caught in quite a few times.

It is a good job that I am not a shrinkable puss or I would be just a little black and white dot by now, but I would be the adorablest little black and white dot you may ever have seen! It happened last night when I went out for my usual nocturnal perambulation. It was sort of dry when I left home, and by that I mean it wasn't actually pouring, although the ground was wet, but about five minutes into my journey the heavens opened and dropped all the rain on poor little me! Sigh

I ran as fast as I could and dived under my DH's car so that I could get some shelter and suddenly I heard the old boy calling for me and I very quickly went through my normal routine ---lugs pinned back, check: (adorable) bum wriggle, check: head down and run, check: meow my thank you to the dear old human, check, nip into bed beside the other dear old human and all ends well. Great big CHECK!

I rested today while my humans were out but when my MH came home I told her that I wanted to stay in because it was too wet and also because I wanted her to play with me and we had a great afternoon jumping all over my living room and diving from chair to chair. Maybe I should explain that it was me doing the jumping and diving while my dear old MH just watched me while she was sitting on the floor.

I wouldn't like you to get the wrong impression, although I would give good money to see her do just that. Oh dear, I have a picture in my adorable little head and it is making me laugh and laugh so much I think I might cry!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More Wind

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What a day it has been. Lots of wind and lots of rain and definitely not weather for little puss cats who need to be outside. I have not been happy at all.

My humans have been home with me. Well, they couldn't go anywhere even if they had wanted too, 'cos the wind made all the boats stop, so that was one good thing. I helped my MH with her work especially when she made my DH help her to clean out one of the wee units that we have and there were lots of new things for me to see and to sniff at before she put them in the bin, so that was good fun.

We all played together for a while but then I really wanted out so I jumped up on the window sill and asked for the window to be opened, but it couldn't because of the way the wind was blowing so I sat there for a while and you can see what I was looking at. Now do you see why I couldn't go out? Don't worry when you look at the photograph 'cos we don't have flying saucers on my little island. It is the lamp in my house, but it looks odd sure it does?

I finally decided that I just HAD to go out, so my dear old MY decided that it might be better at the door, so off we went to see what it was like, but when she opened the door we could hear the wind screaming at us, and I did not like it at all.

I thought I might just sit in the porch and breath in the fresh air, so I asked her if she would leave the door open for a while, but when we saw my DH getting blowed about the living room, I decided it was not one of my bestest ideas! Hee hee

That is a wee bit of an exaggeration, but I'm sure you get my drift! I am just hoping that the wind will disappear before I need out at bedtime, but I will just have to wait and see.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Sooky Squeak

Don't I look sooo cute? I know they are a wee bit blurred. It was my DH who took them and he's not awful good with the camera, but he thought that I looked so comfortable that he wanted to take a picture, so he tooked two and I decided I would show you both of them. My MH had been out all afternoon doing her crafty things with her friends, and when she came home, I needed a big cuddle and I told her that.

She just tooked off her coat and sat down on my couch and I gave her a big cuddle and purred and purred while she stroked me and told me what she had been doing. I told her that I had missed her and she said she missed me too and we were just in the middle of this conversation when my MH comed home from the cat shop and grabbed the camera.

It has been quite a good day, but it was wet and windy last night and it took me quite a long time to pluck up enough courage to go outside, but out I went---eventually! I tried a few times to go out of the window, but I am afraid I chickened out and ran into the bedroom where I lay down beside my MH for a while but then I had a chat with my adorable little self and decided that I wouldn't be a wimp any more. I WOULD go out!

I went into the living room and asked my DH to please open the door for me and in a trice I was out in the weather. I was so proud of my little self but my MH told me that she worried about me all the time I was away and she was very happy when I came home again safe and sound.

And to be very honest, dear friends, I was very happy to be back on my bed again beside her.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Not Nice Sunday

It has been not nice outside today because of the wind and the rain so I have stayed inside with my humans where it has been nice. I wakened up quite early this morning full of beans and looking forward to getting out to play, but then I saw the rain and I heard the wind, and I was a wee bit sad 'cos I knew I wouldn't get out as much as I wanted.

However, my MH said she didn't have very much to do so she could play with me whenever I wanted and that cheered me up again and as you can see, I took her up on her very kind offer. Well, it would have been rude not to, sure it would? We played for a long time and then she sat on the couch and I sat on her! Hee hee. That is my very favourite seat---right on her knee, and the old dear has even learned to type on her computer with one hand while she is stroking me with the other. You see, when I need a cuddle I shuffle my adorable little body into a corner of the couch beside my MH's left hand and I rest my little chin on the keyboard while she strokes me. She does most of her work like that and I think she likes it as much as me.

I did venture out for about half an hour but I am afraid it took rather a lot of persuasion on my MH's part. She knew I wanted to go out, but each time she opened the window, the wind nearly blowed us both across my living room and the look I gave her told her I was not going out in that, so she asked me if I wanted to go out the door, but that was nearly just as bad. However, I decided that I needed to be a brave puss, so I girded my loins and as she opened the door I pinned back my adorable little lugs, wriggled my even adorabler little bum and I was OFF---- into the wind and rain and straight for some shelter and there I waited until I thought a suitable time had passed and then jumped up onto my window sill and demanded to be let in NOW. Which of course I was!

I think it might be like that for most of this week because my little weather man friend says there is a big bad wind on its way, so I think me and the old dear will be playing a lot of games on my carpet, but I shall let you know.

I hope you have had a good Sunday and that you have a pleasant week.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

I like Saturday

I like the weekends bestest of all because normally my humans are both at home and have lots of time to spend with me and because my MH doesn't do any housework so she has lots of time to spend with me and because my friend S. comes to see me and she has lots of time to spend with me. Am I painting a little picture for you? And can you see me right in the middle of it? Yep! Just where I should be.

I was just a tad concerned this morning that my ability to get the old dear to do my every bidding was beginning to weaken, but she has rather made up for it as the day has progressed. Shall I explain? Of course I shall.

Sometimes through the night I waken up feeling just a little on the peckish side and I gently ask my sleeping MH to please waken, get up and feed me. Well, after I have purred, poked, prodded and fandango'd on her chest, she finally decides that she needs to use her litter tray, so while she is up, she might as well put some food in my dish. Mission accomplished.

Well, I successfully did this this morning and a few hours later, I thought I would try it again only to be told in no uncertain terms to go away! I was not best pleased, I can tell you, so I lay down beside my MH's feets and had such a serious sulk that I fell asleep! Hee hee. I was a bit concerned that she might be a bit annoyed with me when she wakened, but she didn't say anything so I can only imagine that I am totally forgiven or that she has forgotten, but whichever it is, I am a tad relieved! However, I think I might behave myself tonight.

I have been in and out a few times today but it is getting a bit cooler now, so me and my MH just stayed out long enough for her to take a few pictures and then we rushed back in and sat on my couch. I watched my television tonight 'cos my favourite programme is back on and that is 'Strictly'. I plonk my adorable little self on my MH's knee and we watch it together and then when my friend S. comes to see me on a Sunday we all talk about it and I like that. I haven't got any favourites yet but I do like it a lot and I hope you are liking it too.

So, that has been my Saturday, although I am getting myself ready for my evening perambulation round my estate to have a chat with all my night time friends and then it will be time for bed.

Oh yes, I DO like Saturdays!

Friday, 17 October 2014

More Sleeps

I have had a very lazy day today, but it has been a very good day. Well, at least inside my house has been good, but outside it has been awful. It has been wet and the wind just got worser and worser as the day went on, so apart from a couple of very quick visits to my favourite fields, I have just stayed inside.

My humans have been quite lazy too, 'cos my MH likes to get all the housework done before a Friday so that she can have a long weekend to her dear little self, and I am happy with that 'cos it means that she has a lot more time for me. My DH is still bringing in some of our tomatoes for her and that makes her a very happy Boss.

We both went through to our bedroom and I let her stroke me but then I asked her to tuck me up under my blanket 'cos I was in need of a little snooze, and the old dear did just that. Now, how did I ASK her, I hear you wonder. Well, the blanket was on top of the bed, so I jumped up and I stared and stared at my MH and at the same time I scratched the blanket with my adorable little paw, and my very clever MH knew exactly what I wanted, so she lifted up the corner of said blanket and in a trice yours truly was under it and in another trice I was sound asleep.

My MH told me she kept looking in to see if I was OK and she could see my adorable little body slowly moving up and down under my blanket. Bliss, my dear friends, bliss!

I lay there for a long time but when I got up I had a lot of energy so me and my MH had a play on the floor and she tooked this picture of me and her feets. I am not sure about the socks, but she likes them, so I guess I will just have to put up with them!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Guessing Game

Can you guess who is under this jacket? I don't think you will have to guess too long before you know the answer. Have you got it yet?

Yes. Of course, it is me. Squeak. And don't I look so adorable? My MH was doing some of her housework this morning and I had already been outside for my little morning perambulation and was in need of a rest. And I also had to get away from the vacuum cleaner, so I decided I would lie on my bed until the old dear was ready for me to sit on her knee. As I jumped up onto the bed, I noticed that my MH had left her jacket there and it was still quite cosy 'cos she had just taken it off, so I cooried under it and fell fast asleep. Oh, dear friends, it was lovely. And of course, the Boss HAD to take some pictures for you.

It has been quite cold outside my house today, so I have just been out for short times, but my DH was working in our greenhouse, so I went in to see him a few times and that kept me from getting too cold. However, I wasn't getting rid of as much energy as I needed to, so I asked the old dear if she would play with me, and you don't get any prizes for guessing the right answer to THAT question!

She was delighted to have been asked and we played on the floor for a long time ans we both loved it a lot. It has been a long time since we have had a play, but I think that I will be doing a lot more of it during the winter 'cos I have to look after my adorable little self.

I will be a whole five years old in December, so I need to take care and I have decided that if the weather is not to my liking, then I ain't going out. I shall just ask the old dear to entertain me at home and I know she will be only too delighted to oblige!

That is my plan and I am sticking to it.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Naughty and Nice

That's what today's pictures are. You know I am normally a very good puss, but sometimes I do things which are a bit on the naughty side, although it is just normal pussy cat things so that has to be accepted, sure it has?

Well, when we were all outside yesterday I nipped away to be all alone for a while, but my MH came looking for me---- just to make sure I was OK---- and I am afraid she found me doing what I shouldn't have been doing in my DH's strawberry tray. Oops! I am afraid the humans weren't best pleased, but they understood and forgave me.

The other picture is a nice picture of yours truly, but then again, most of the pictures of yours truly ARE nice ones, are they not? Is my modesty showing again? My MH says me and her have got lots and lots of modesty and that's why everybody loves us. Hee hee

I have had a lovely day today and it has been a wee bit out of the ordinary 'cos I got a surprise visit from my friend S. and she normally just comes to see me at the weekend. It had been a normal Wednesday up till then with my DH going away to the Cat shop and my MH going out for a while, but then it was lovely when S. came to see me and to give me a special cuddle. She said the reason was to bring some cake to my MH, but we all know the true story, don't we? Oops, more modesty!!

I have had a good rest this afternoon after all my cuddles and I am now ready to hit the big wide world and spread my loveliness all round my little animal friends!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

More Good Fun

It has been another brilliant day for this little puss and I have hardly been inside all day. It has been a bit cool but it has been dry and calm and that suits me just fine 'cos I have a lovely fur coat which keeps me cosy and I can run about fast so that makes me warm too. As long as it is not pouring with rain or a howling gale then I am happy.

I started my day by sitting on my MH's knee while she had her breakfast and as soon as I had finished my little drop of milk in her dish, I was off. Out into my garden to see what was happening out there. I had a good sniff all around my favourite places and I rolled on my path before settling down just watching the sheeps and the birdies and that was just lovely.

My DH was outside as well 'cos he was finishing spreading all the chips and he is a happy person now that he doesn't have to do that job any more 'cos it made him a bit tired, but he thinks he has made our garden look nice again and the Boss agrees with him so it has been well worth all his hard work. Me and my MH went into the gym for a bit of exercise, but just for her 'cos I don't need any extra help with my exercises. I am still a very fit little puss, but she likes it when I sit with her and watch what she is doing.

Later in the morning, my MH washed all my blankets and I had a fantastic time out in my garden with her when she was hanging them on the rope. I just ran and ran and my MH found a bit of pampas grass for me to play with so I chased that and dived on it and killed it once and then I did it all over again and I just loved it. It was just magic being outside with my MH and I know she liked being outside with me 'cos she told me when we were sitting on my couch later on.

The old dear needed a rest, so I plonked my adorable little self on her knee and let her stroke me until I nearly falled asleep. I was so comfortable and so, so happy.

I hope you are comfortable and happy too.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Another Crackin' Day

The weather has been good on my little island today and that has meant that I have been able to get outside just as much as I wanted. Oh goody.

Because it was Monday, my DH waved bye bye to me and my MH and sailed away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and my MH said hello to her vacuum cleaner and started to do all her housework, but before she did that, she opened the door for me and just left it open which meant I could sit on the carpet in my porch and watch what was going on outside and I liked that.

The old dear and the vacuum ran all over my house and when she was finished with that machine, she took out the steamer and cleaned my kitchen floor, so I had to make sure that my adorable little paws were all clean before I went back inside my house.

We didn't have any visitors today, but my MH had to go out for a while so I asked her if I could stay in my garden while she was away, and of course she agreed, but she left the window open for me in case I got tired or in case the rain came on. However, I didn't and it didn't (get tired, or rained!) so I stayed out all the time, and I was sitting like a little garden ornament when she comed home again. She said hello to me then stroked my head and told me she had missed me and was happy to be home again, and I was very happy to see her.

We sat on my couch and she told me what she had been doing and then it was time for my DH to come home so we all had a chat before me and him went into our greenhouse to have a look at our tomatoes, and we gave the Boss a big surprise when we brought some more into the house for her. I had another look at them and then I asked her to take a picture so that you could see them too. Here it is just for you.

I am very proud of my little tomatoes and I think me and my DH have been very clever this year. I am sure my MH thinks so too.

It is now snoozing time for this puss cat, but I know that I shall be outside until very late tonight 'cos the weather is still good and it is just the kind of night that I love.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy

You will have noticed that there are three 'happys' in my title today and that is one each for me, my MH and my DH so you will know that my house has been a very good place to be today, and I hope your place has been the same.

The weather was good this morning so the first good was that me and my MH went out to clean all our windows and I helped her as she went round my house with her cloth and her bucket and her window machine and we made a lovely job of all the windows which are sparkling now. My DH was outside at the same time and he was doing lots of little jobs which made him very happy. Me and my MH even picked up some weeds so all my paths are looking good again. I like helping to pick up the weeds and I even pulled one with my adorable little teeths which made the old dear smile.

My next happy was when my bestest friend S. came to see me and she gave me lots of cuddles which I liked. We had a wee chat and she lifted me up a couple of times so I gave her a special purr and she went away home very happy.

Me and my MH had a wee rest then and I sat on her knee on top of my couch and we had our usual chat and then I got a ginormous surprise when three of my children friends came to see me. Now, I will let you into a wee secret. I don't really like childrens very much 'cos they are quite noisy and do everything very quickly which is a wee bit different to my humans who are quiet and a wee bit slow, so I said hello to the childrens and then hided under my couch until they had run out of steam a bit. I was under my couch rather longer than I would have liked 'cos it tooked them a long time to be quiet but finally my dear old MH persuaded them to sit quietly and I reappeared and that made them happy.

I sat on my couch with the children and I lay on the floor watching one of them watching me and that made us all laugh, but at one point I had to go outside to get some peace and quiet and I think my MH would have comed with me if she could have got out of the window! Hee hee

It was noisy in my house for a while but we all liked seeing the childrens and I hope they come back to see me again-- but maybe not for a wee while! :-))

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Good Weekend

I do like my weekends. Especially the ones when my humans are home with me and that is usually most of them 'cos they don't normally go away and leave me on a Saturday or a Sunday and that makes me a very happy little Squeak.

My MH wanted to clean all the outsides of my windows but just when she got her bucket and cloth and window machine all ready, the rain came on and she wasn't very happy for a minute or two but then she decided she would just play on her Wii machine so I just lay on my couch and watched her for a while. She said she might clean our windows tomorrow if the weather is good and I would quite like that 'cos I get to go out and play with her while she is working and you all know how much I like that.

I spent lots of my time birdie watching when my DH had put feed for my little friends and I sat on my widow sill and watched as they all had their dinner. I like it when they come to my house to get something to eat 'cos I don't want them to be hungry. That would be sad, sure it would?

Now, all this watching makes a little puss quite tired so I took to my bed this afternoon and had a long sleep and I even told my MH to go away and leave me alone which was a little bit rude I know, but I was sleepy. I was all settled and she came into the room and sat on the bed beside me and just as she went to stroke my adorable little tummy, I pushed her hand away and gave her the look which said 'I want to be alone' and being a very clever and well trained MH she went away. I will cuddle up to her later and tell her that I was just a bit grumpy 'cos I was tired, but I will let her cuddle me as much as she wants.

I don't want her to be a sad MH.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Just Normal

That's the kind of day I have had. Just a normal one, but I have had lots of fun.

It started off with me and my MH changing the sheets and the duvet covers on our beds and those of you who know me well, know that this is just one of my favouritist games in the en-tire world. I love lying on the sheets when my MH is taking them off the bed and today I slided right down to the bottom of the bed on top of the sheet that she was pulling off and I loved it. I wonder if my MH could hear me saying 'wheeee'? Then it was time to hide under the duvet when she was putting the cover on. She lifted me off and I jumped back on again. Then she lifted me off and I jumped back on again and we did this lots and lots of times and we were both laughing.

Next it was time to put the covers on and I hided inside them until my MH lifted me out again, but every time she lifted me, she cuddled me and I liked it lots and lots. We played that game for ages and then we had to have a rest on my couch before it was time to go and hang the washing out on the rope and that meant a lot more fun for me as I ran round my garden and climbed up the clothes poles.

So, you can see why I have had such a good day. I just love it when I get to 'help' my MH and I know she really appreciates it 'cos I heard her telling my DH that she couldn't do without me, but she won't have to 'cos I ain't going anywhere!

I was able to have a play on my own which I quite enjoy too, but I am always happiest with my humans. However, I run very fast when I am out playing and I am afraid that my humans can't keep up with me, so I have to play on my own, but that's OK really 'cos I have lots of little animal friends to talk to if I want, so it is fine really.

So, after I had played and done lots of Squeak things, I went back into my garden and I was waiting for some of the little birdies to come and see me and my MH tooked this picture of me for you. I hope you like it.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

An Odd Day

I have been very fine but it has been rather an odd day Chez Squeak. My DH went away to Kirkwall to get some messages for him and me and my MH and while he was away, my MH went out too so I was a bit lonely. It was a bit strange 'cos my MH usually does her work on a Thursday but she didn't do it today.

I had a play outside before she went away and I made her smile again. I think I make the old dear smile at least once every single day and I like that. Anyway, I had nipped out of my window just before she went out and as she was going to her little car, she thought there was something wrong with me as I was standing so very, very still like a statue and so she asked me what was wrong but I still never moved and then she saw why.

From my path I can see the road that goes right round my little island and this morning one of my friends was walking her doggy on the road and that's what I was staring at. The doggy couldn't see me, but I didn't want to move in case that changed. Mind you, the road is quite far away from my house, so by the time the doggy had reached me---if it had wanted to, or been allowed to---I could have been under the bed hiding! So, I was quite safe really. I was just taking no chances at all and this made my MH smile but then she started to laugh when I decided to go inside my house 'cos I had crouched down so far that my adorable little tummy was almost scraping the chips on my path! Oh, that would have been painful, sure it would? It was quite funny really, but a puss has to be very careful.

We had a good afternoon and I was able to play one of my favourite hide and seek games on top of my bed when my MH comed home to me. We were in the kitchen and I did one of my funny runs into my bedroom and I was delighted to see that herself had remembered what that meant and she followed me in. I think I have done a fantastic job in training the humans, as even my DH has remembered some of the signs. He is not just as good as The Boss and she sometimes has to remind him, but I guess that 50% plus isn't bad at all.

Anyway, in she came beside me and I dived under my blanket and let her roll me up in it and then she tickled me and I just loved it millions and millions. We played hide and seek then, but I am afraid I haven't been able to train my silly wagger to be still and when my MH pretended she couldn't see me when I was hiding under my blanket, my silly old tail wagged and gave the game away! But it made us both giggle and it was a super duper game anyway.

So, although it has been an odd day in some ways, it has been a really good day and I am looking forward to tomorrow and I hope you are to.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Much Better Day

Now, here's a thing. You have heard me talking about my little weather man friend, haven't you? Well, we have never actually met, and although I see him nearly every night in my living room, he is just on my television so he has never seen me. That is a shame, sure it is? Anyway, although we don't know one another, we must have a sort of ESP thingy 'cos I asked him to turn off the wind just for me, and he did! So there must be something, sure there must?

Now you know why I have had a much better day. There has been no wind and just a wee drop of rain, so I have been able to get out to play whenever I felt like it, and I have felt like it quite a lot 'cos I have millions of energy!

I had my dear old MH in fits of laughter this afternoon and I shall tell you why. She was away out again for a couple of hours today and when she comed home, I sat on her knee for a while and we had a girlie chat which we both enjoy, but then she had to go into the bedroom and of course, I went with her. I have my own blanket on top of our bed, so while my MH was sitting on the bed, I asked her to lift up the blanket for me and I crawled under it, snuggled up and fell asleep and I was there for the rest of the afternoon. I was so comfortable. My MH kept having a look in to see that I was all right, but I was very all right, I can tell you! She told me that every time she looked at me she smiled 'cos she loves me loads.

When I wakened up again I got a big surprise 'cos my MH had been making stovies and there was some mince in my dinner plate for me, so I scoffed that up and had a big play in my fields which I just loved. I am such a happy little puss when I can play in the fields and go sniffing in the big barn beside my house, so when the weather is good enough to let me do that I am the happiest Squeak in the whole world. I wonder how many Squeaks there are in the whole world? But there is only one like me, sure there is?

So, little weather man friend, if you have your ESP thingy switched on tonight, thank you for turning off the big bad wind.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Going Round in Circles

That's what I have been doing today. It is still very windy on my little island and there has been a lot of rain too, so it has not been a good day for this little puss.

I did manage to get outside for a little play last night but between you and me, dear friends, it wasn't very pleasant and I didn't really enjoy it, so I decided that I would be warmer and happier snuggled up beside my MH in our little bed. Two minutes later that's just where I was and five minutes later we were both snoring. Oh, Bliss!

It wasn't much better this morning, but a puss has to do what a puss has to do and although I have a litter tray, I need the fresh air in these adorable little lungs and so I asked if I could please go out the window and the old dear duly obliged. Well, my take off point was just outside my living room window, but my landing point was nearly on Hoy! Boy, that wind was strong and I was nearly flying, but I landed safely and very quickly headed back to shelter under this big plant where I was safe from the wind.

I didn't stay out long and managed to jump back up on the window sill while the wind was breathing in, and I have been watching out of my window all day for it to have a wee rest. Every now and then I would go out of my door, have a wee sniff at the air and then run round my house and go in through the window and I did this quite a lot of times, so I really have been going round in circles.

I think the wind has to go away somewhere else later on tonight so I am looking forward to getting outside for a longer time, but it will just depend on when it stops blowing on me.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Windy, windy, windy

Well, he is not often wrong, but my little weather man friend was very right again when he said it would be windy on my little island today. We have been in my house nearly all day 'cos it has been so wet and windy. My DH went out to finish bringing in all our little ornaments, but he wasn't able to go to the Cat shop in case the boat wouldn't bring him home in the afternoon, and my MH hasn't been outside at all. She is frightened she gets blowed over 'cos that happened to her last week and she landed on the grass but she didn't hurt herself. She just got a bit of a fright.

I slept for most of the afternoon, but I made my MH laugh a lot when I got up 'cos I ran about my living room asking her to play with me and I haven't done that for a long time. Fortunately, she remembered what to do so we played for a long time on my carpet and I used up some of my energy, but I am hoping that I will be able to go outside for a long play later on.

I have a lot of energy that needs using up and I did try to venture out a couple of times this evening. I am afraid I was beginning to upset the old dear 'cos when she was making the dinner, I kept asking her to open the door for me, so she had to stop what she was doing and go to the door, but when she opened it I just sniffed at the wind and ran back into my living room. Well, after the third---or maybe the fourth---time, she sort of helped me out with a very gentle push, but by the time she had got the door shut and had moved to the cooker, I was back at the window asking to be let in again---quickly!

So I haven't had nearly enough exercise and if I don't get out later on, I won't be able to sleep, and if I can't sleep I am afraid my MH won't be sleeping either and that is not good news at all.

Please, little weather man friend, turn the wind down a wee bit. Just for me --- and my MH. Pretty please :-))

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Still Climbing

Oh, I just love being up high, and I did some more climbing this morning while my MH was hanging her washing up on the pulley in my utility room. I knew it would be fine with the old dear, 'cos I can't do too much damage there.

We have lots of wee basket type things which stack up quite high and my humans keep big envelopes and jiffy bags in them and that sits up beside the freezer on top of a wee filing cabinet, so it is quite high. So, in order to reach it, I jump up on the little freezer, then up another jump on top of the big freezer and then a great big jump to the top of the little basket and there I sit and look down on the world. I do like up there and it is nice and soft on top of the jiffy bags, but I have to be careful that I don't stretch over to the pulley or my MH will wheech me right up to the ceiling and I don't think I would like to be that high.

Remember I told you that I was watching the little birdies yesterday? Well, I did it again today and my MH tooked this picture of me watching them from my window sill and as we were watching, we saw two little birdies having a wee argument and that made us both smile so I asked my MH to let you see it in the hope that it will make you smile too.

My friend S. came to see me today and she gave me a special cuddle 'cos she was pleased to see me and I gave her a special purr 'cos I was pleased to see her . When she went away, I went out into my garden for a while and I helped my DH bring in all our little ornaments because my little weather man friend says it is going to be very windy on my island and we didn't want all the little ornaments to blow away. My humans don't like it when all the nice little things have to go inside 'cos it means that the summer is over and the winter is getting very near.

However, I am a very intrepid little puss as you know, and I shall be going out to wander around my estate no matter what the weather is doing, but I will try and come home at a decent hour and not upset the old folk too much! Sometimes my kindness and goodness and adorableness just takes my breath away!

I have just had another look at this photograph and it looks as though I am doing something I shouldn't be, but I am just sitting on a little stone. Honest. Hee hee

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mountaineering Moggy

Guess who that is? Yes! Me, Squeak.

Remember I told you yesterday that I had perfected a flying leap from the middle of the step ladders into the the lovely soft towels and I sat there all soft and cuddly just like them? Well, today I was still feeling very fit and I gave another one of my death-defying leaps, but this time it was a vertical jump from a standing position and I landed on top of my living room cabinet where I sat with the ornaments and I was just as beautiful, delicate and adorable as them. Oops, my modesty is showing again! Hee hee

My MH wasn't best pleased with me, but she just left me there until I was ready to come down under my own steam. I think she has accepted that if she lets me do that, then I don't break anything. Maybe I should have taken the cake out of its tin!! Sorry DH.

However, I think that I should keep my adorable little paws on the floor for the next few days or my next transformation might be into a pot of soup! Mind you, having said that, I think I would be a kind of soup that you have never tasted before---perfect!

It has been a lot wet on my little island, but I have still been outside quite a bit today and I sat under the bird feeder while all the little birdies were having their dinner and they weren't frightened of me, although that might have been because I was sort of hiding from them in the hope that one might fall off its perch and then I could be a very kind puss and put it back again.

And if you believe that, then the moon really is made of cheese!

If you look very closely at today's picture, and if you can tear your eyes away from yours truly, you will see my DH at the far right of the photograph when he won his teapot on Countdown long ago before I was even a twinkle in their eye. I think he is a very clever DH and maybe I will tell him that some day. Maybe!

Friday, 3 October 2014

A Better Day

We have had a better day today and my poor old MH is feeling a bit happier now, although she did have to get up in the middle of the night to go to our Post Office again, so I was out playing when it was still dark. It was a bit windy and just when I had finished playing, the rain came on very hard, so I had to run home and bang on the door to ask the old dear to let me in again. Which she did of course.

She went away, so I snuggled up beside my DH and we had another snooze till she came home again. My DH liked it when I cooried in beside him, 'cos I don't usually do that. You all know that I love my DH, but I am my MH's pussy cat and I always sit with her or cuddle up beside her, and I think I might have been neglecting the old boy a bit, so I shall have to be a bit fairer with my affections from now on. Can you believe how wise and mature I have become?

Before you answer that question, have a look at today's picture and you will see Squeak the kitten-cat and not Squeak the growed up cat! Hee hee. My MH was putting the towels away this afternoon, and I was lying on my couch, but when I heard the cupboard door opening, I rushed in to the kitchen, galloped up the step ladder, flew over my MH's head and landed with a delightful soft 'plop' on top of a pile of towels, and I stayed there just long enough for her to take this picture just for you. Adorable, is it not?

I have been in and out quite a lot today, but it has been a bit windy although it didn't last too long and I was able to go hunting through my fields and into the big shed which the nice farmer man next door has left open for me again. I just love going in to the shed and sniffing and exploring 'cos there is always something new for me to find.

I am having my little sleep now, but I shall be going there later on tonight and I intend staying out as late as I possibly can. I am sure I will have the bestest of fun.