Friday, 3 October 2014

A Better Day

We have had a better day today and my poor old MH is feeling a bit happier now, although she did have to get up in the middle of the night to go to our Post Office again, so I was out playing when it was still dark. It was a bit windy and just when I had finished playing, the rain came on very hard, so I had to run home and bang on the door to ask the old dear to let me in again. Which she did of course.

She went away, so I snuggled up beside my DH and we had another snooze till she came home again. My DH liked it when I cooried in beside him, 'cos I don't usually do that. You all know that I love my DH, but I am my MH's pussy cat and I always sit with her or cuddle up beside her, and I think I might have been neglecting the old boy a bit, so I shall have to be a bit fairer with my affections from now on. Can you believe how wise and mature I have become?

Before you answer that question, have a look at today's picture and you will see Squeak the kitten-cat and not Squeak the growed up cat! Hee hee. My MH was putting the towels away this afternoon, and I was lying on my couch, but when I heard the cupboard door opening, I rushed in to the kitchen, galloped up the step ladder, flew over my MH's head and landed with a delightful soft 'plop' on top of a pile of towels, and I stayed there just long enough for her to take this picture just for you. Adorable, is it not?

I have been in and out quite a lot today, but it has been a bit windy although it didn't last too long and I was able to go hunting through my fields and into the big shed which the nice farmer man next door has left open for me again. I just love going in to the shed and sniffing and exploring 'cos there is always something new for me to find.

I am having my little sleep now, but I shall be going there later on tonight and I intend staying out as late as I possibly can. I am sure I will have the bestest of fun.

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