Friday, 28 August 2015

A Better Friday

I have had a very good Friday. We have all been at home and I was needed to help my DH fix a wee door in my bathroom, so I watched him very carefully and I purred when he got it finished and that made him very happy.

My MH just did little bits of work so I followed her round as well and listened while she talked to me and that made ME happy, so you will know why I have had a good day. There was a funny wee bit this afternoon and I shall tell you all about it. The old dear decided that she wanted to wash all the outsides of our windows and so she went and filled up her bucket of water and got her window machine and we tooked them all round to the front of my house and the she went back inside for the steps 'cos she is just little and the windows are too high for her. But, as soon as she got outside again the rain came on --- really heavy--- and we had to scoot back inside before we got too wet. And the windows never got cleaned! Oh dear. Maybe tomorrow.

My friend A. came to say cheerio to us all today as he is going away back to university and he needed to see me before he went so I gave him a big cuddle and some very loud purrs to keep him going till he comes back to see me at Christmas. He said he is going to miss me, so my MH told him we would write to him and he liked that.

Later on in the afternoon, me and my MH were sitting on my couch while she was writing on her computer and I decided that I would learn how to write to my friend A. and that is what I am doing in today's picture.

Don't I look cute?

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  1. Learning to write now. Your accomplishments never cease to amaze me! :)