Sunday, 9 August 2015

And a super Sunday

Oh I am such a happy little puss. I have had a very good day 'cos my little weather man friend has made my weather good enough for me to get out to play as often as I wanted and so I have been outside playing and exploring and being the bravest little puss in the en-tire world!

Three other things made me very happy too and I shall tell you all about them. When my humans were away on their holidays, they met some people and my MH told them all about me and now one of these peoples is telling her grandchildren all about me and do you know what? They think I am adorable!! So, I have even more people who think I am wonderful. I am almost blushing, but I know they are right.

My friend S. came to see me this afternoon and I got lots of cuddles from her and you know that always makes me a very happy puss 'cos I just LOVE getting cuddles. Cuddles is what I was made for!

And my last surprise, so far, 'cos it is still early--- when my dear old MH put on her computer there was a letter from my friend J. telling me that I had even more paw pals, so I will need to get busy and start writing to them and telling them all about me. It is just the magicest fun hearing about all the pussy cats who live in different places and who do different things from me. Do you you that some of these puss cats have never seen a cow or some sheeps? But maybe there are things that they have seen and done that I don't know about and so we have lots to tell one another when we do write.

I think I am a very lucky puss cat. I know I am a very happy puss and I hope you are happy too.

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