Saturday, 22 August 2015

Another Cracker

I had a very good sleep last night 'cos I didn't come home till half past one o'clock in this morning and even my DH was in his little bed and was snoring, but as you all know, I didn't need to be quiet for him 'cos even if I played the bagpipes at the end of his bed, he still wouldn't hear me. Now, there's a picture for you. This adorable little puss, perched on the end of a bed blowing into some bagpipes. Oh I think I shall have to stop for a minute while I have a giggle!

On the other paw, my MH wakens as soon as she hears me 'plop' onto the carpet so she knows I was out late. But that doesn't worry her. She is just too happy to have me back home again and ready to curl up beside her. So, I didn't get up too early this morning and when I did, I was delighted to see that my little weather man friend had sent me some lovely weather and it was warm too, so I was off!

I played outside for a long, long time and then I noticed my MH was back in my garden picking up some weeds so I ran to help her and we just had the very bestest of fun. She picked up some grass and throwed it for me to chase and I ran and ran all over the garden and at one point my MH said it looked as though I was bouncing. I was a very happy Squeak. I love it when my humans are outside playing with me and my MH stayed out for a long time while my DH was watching the football.

I have been outside nearly the whole day, but the window is still open which means I can nip in and out as much as I like and I think I may be staying out very late again. Maybe even later than last night. Yippee. I got a big surprise when I came home just after dinner time 'cos on a little plate beside my dishes were some little prawns---all for me! Oh they were lovely and I gobbled them all up.

I only got two or three 'cos my MH says if I become a fat Squeak, I might get stuck in the fence when I am trying to jump through it and that would never do now, would it?

I don't think that will happen though 'cos I am a very fit and VERY adorable little puss. Hee hee


  1. I really like the first picture of you Squeak. Would you ask your MH if I could save it to my computer? I would like to attempt a painting of you. You are so precious.

  2. Hello Bonny. Oh I am blushing again 'cos you said I am precious. Thank you. The old dear says you are welcome to use any of my pictures at any time. I have been painted before, in oils, I think. "The Squeaka Lisa" Hee hee. Good luck with it. Lots of purrs specially for you. Squeak