Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bah! Humbug!!

I went to sleep last night a very happy little Squeak. As you know, it had been a beautiful day on my little island and the sunset was glorious.

Me and my MH went outside to look at the sky which kept changing colours and she tooked this picture for you which I just love.

We stayed out for a long long time and I ran and ran round my garden and all the lady cows were watching me and I am sure I could see them smiling. I was running very fast and my MH just managed to catch me in her camera but it is a bit blurred because I was going at the speed of light and I am sure you can see sparks on the grass from my adorable little feets. So, by the time we went to bed, I was a very happy and a very tired little puss and I was sure it was going to be another lovely day.

As soon as I wakened up this morning I scooted through to my living room to look out of the window to see what it was like, and guess what? It was raining! Oh, boo. I was so not happy. I knew I could still go out but I also knew that my humans wouldn't be coming out to play with me and that made me sad. However, I decided I would just need to make the best of the day and as luck would have it, the old dear was changing all the sheets and duvet covers and she let me help her which made me a lot happpier 'cos there lots of cuddles and tickles as we worked very hard.

The rain didn't go off the whole day and it is still raining, so I don't know if I will be going out much later. I shall see and of course I will let you know.


  1. What a beautiful sky you have over you Squeak, and it does look like you are running very fast. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.

  2. Hello Bonnie. I have had a good day thank you very much.I hope you have had a good time too.

    I have a wee bit to tell you about my beloved little island. It is between Stromness and Hoy and it is 2 miles long and 1.5miles wide and at its highest it is 65m above the sea and my house is just a little bit lower that that but I can see the sea from every window and of course, from all over my garden. I love watching all the boats from my living room. Now you know where I am. OK?