Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday Again

So, another week begins for this adorable little puss. I was out quite late last night, but I wakened when my DH's alarm went off and I got up so that he could feed me. Usually it is the Boss who does this 'cos she is normally up first, but when my DH is going to the Cat Shop she stays in her bed and lets him get ready so he feeds me on shop days and then I nip out to play for a while till my MH gets up.

We have a routine every morning which you know all about and it involves me and my MH sitting on my couch while she has her breakfast and then I get the last drop of milk before the old dear starts her housework and I start my day playing and hunting. It is a very good routine and I like it lots especially if the weather is good and today wasn't too bad although not as great as I would have wanted.

It didn't keep me in though and I was out lots of times playing in the long grass which I just love and then in the afternoon I went into the gym with my MH and I sat and watched as her little legs did lots of walking on her treadmill and then when she was finished, I tooked her home and sat on her knee while she recovered!

I will probably go out later, but it is quite misty on my little island so I probably won't stay out too late and also 'cos my MH says she has to go to Stromness tomorrow so she need me to be home early so that she can get to sleep.

And as I am a very good puss, I shall do just that!

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  1. Is that big rock in your garden your outside pillow. You are usually resting your cute little head on it in your pictures. :)