Monday, 17 August 2015

My Hunting Ground

I have had a brilliant day again and it came as a bit of a surprise. Me and my MH wakened up about seven o'clock in this morning and we couldn't even see the gate at the end of my path 'cos it was so misty, so we just snuggled up again and had another sleep and then when we wakened up the next time all the mist had gone and the sun was shining. Yippee!!

I gobbled up my dinner so quickly I had the hiccups again, but once I had rolled on the path once or twice they disappeared and I stayed out just for a wee while until I knew my MH would be finished her cereal and I could get the last wee drop of the milk. Oh, I love that milk.

It was Monday and that means cleaning in my house, but I didn't mind 'cos it was so lovely outside that my humans could leave the door open so I could hear when it was safe to go back in for a cuddle. There is always a cuddle for me whenever I ask for it and sometimes I get one without even asking!

Today's pictures are nearly all of my garden and they are for all my friends out there but specially for my friend B. 'cos she said she liked my garden and she knew why I loved being outside so much. I tooked my MH outside this afternoon and when she was taking these pictures I ran as fast as I could and threw my adorable little self into the pampas grass and she clicked me in her camera and we both think it is a funny picture and I hope you like it too.

We were in the gym this afternoon and when my MH's little legs were doing their exercises on the bike, my friend M. came to see us, so when we were finished, we all went into my house and had a chat and I sat on M's knee and she cuddled me as well.

This is my favourite picture of today 'cos you can see my shadow in it too, and I really like that.

So, that has been my day and now I am looking forward to my night. The weather is still brilliant so I think I will be out until it is very, very late. I hope!

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  1. Squeak, what lovely pictures of your garden Thank your MH for sharing. It is beautiful, and I like your picture in the long grass. I didn't know you lived so close to the water. Your house looks very cozy. I really like it too. No wonder you are such a very happy puss.