Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Not a Brilliant Day

When I wakened up this morning, I did what I normally do and ran to my window to see what my little weather man had sent me and I couldn't see anything at all! I rubbed my little eyes, but when things were just the same, I realised that it was foggy. Very foggy! Sigh.

It doesn't keep me in, you understand, but I can't see very much and I have to listen very carefully in case I run into a tractor. I went outside for a while, but to be honest, my little heart just wasn't in it, so I just nipped in through the window and helped my MH with her housework. She didn't have too much to do, so I just followed her round as she dusted and listened while she talked to me 'cos I like that.

But then she told me something that I didn't want to hear. She needed to go to Stromness for the afternoon and I had to be left at home with my DH. It was fine, though and I was quite happy but about four o'clock, I sat on one of the window sills and watched for her little kangaroo coming up the road and then I ran to the door and I got a great big cuddle which I was waiting for and then, when we were altogether, I was very happy.

The mist has never really gone away all day and if it stays like this tonight, I think I will just be going out to play for a little while, but we'll see what happens later.

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