Saturday, 15 August 2015


It has been quite an odd day today. A good day, but a bit odd. When we all got up, it was wet 'cos it had been raining and it looked as though it was about to rain some more and when my DH went into the greenhouse he said it was cold outside too. I decided I would wait and get my milk before I ventured out and as luck would have it, I was just outside for about five or maybe even five and a half minutes when the rain came on and my adorable little body got wet so I had to take it home to get it dried.

It wasn't winding or blowing so the window was open for me and when I jumped into my living room my MH saw my predicament and made me all dry again in an instant. I also got a wee treat just because.... I get lots of 'just because' wee treats and I like them very much. My MH then went into the other room to do some more of her cards and she is working with something called 'silly cone' and I have to stay away from it 'cos she told me that if I get it on my little paws, I will get stuck onto whatever I am standing on---for ever!! I think she might be pulling one of my little legs, but I am not taking any chances, so I sat on the chair and watched her and I listened too 'cos she talked to me all the time.

When she was finished, we went out into my garden for a while and it was dry and warm so we stayed outside together for a long time and I saw lots of birdies playing on my grass. There were two birdies which made us smile 'cos they were wagtails and we think one was a lady wagtail and the other was a man wagtail, but the were running across the grass and their little legs were going ever so quick but then the lady wagtail would run over to the man wagtail and give him a wee kiss. My MH thought this was lovely and I had a wee blush, but it was nice.

It is beginning to get warm again and the sun is even shining and it will soon be bedtime so that's why it has been a bit odd. I thought you might like to see a couple of my birdie friends who came to see me today. I can't show you the wagtails 'cos they were running about too fast for the old dear to catch them. Her little legs can't go that quickly any more. I wonder if they ever could?

After my dinner, I went away into the fields for a great big explore but as some of the ground is still very wet, I had to be careful where I put my little feets 'cos there have been sheeps and cows out there and we all know what sheeps and cows leave behind, sure we do?

Yes, not stuff one wants on ones's adorable little paws, is it? :-))

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  1. I am glad you are so careful in the fields, and I imagine your MH is too. :)