Monday, 3 August 2015

Oh Dear

It seems that we can only get one good day and then we have more rain. I get all excited on the good day thinking that it will last for a long time and then when I waken up the next morning and run to look out of the window, it is raining and I am all sad! Boo

My DH went away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH sat on the couch for a while and worked out all the things that we were going to do with our day, but we knew it would need to be things inside my house, but that was OK 'cos as you know, it is 'Housework Monday' Chez Squeak, so I just found a comfortable spot out of the way of the vacuum cleaner and I watched as the Boss made my house all clean again.

I did manage a couple of visits into the fields when the rain went off and because my MH had left the window open, I could get inside before I got too wet, which is more that I did last night. As usual, I saw my MH into her little bed and when she put out her light, I asked my DH to please let me out to play, and oft I went.

Now, when I went outside it was dry, so I headed off quite a long way from my house and I was having a great time finding new smells when suddenly the rain came on really, really hard and there was nowhere for me to shelter so I just had to go home and by the time I got there and attracted the old boy's attention I was ringing. Ding, dong Squeak! Hee hee

When my DH opened the door for me, I decided that my MH would like to see how wet I was, so I ran right past the old boy who was looking for a towel to dry me, and I jumped up onto the bed and sort of dripped a wee bit onto my MH and that wakened her up --- very quickly!! Oops. But she just smiled and then tooked the towel off my DH and she made me all dry again. Then she had to take another towel to dry herself off. Sorry, MH.

I thought you might like to see some pictures from yesterday when I was out playing. You will see that they are action shots and the first one is of me getting down from the little wall at my door and the other one is when I had just comed down from being up the clothes pole and you can almost see the speed I am going at.

Faster that the speed of light. That's me!

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