Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday Again....

.....and a good Saturday, too. The weather was fine when I wakened up, although that was the second time I had wakened 'cos I think I maybe had a wee nightmare in the middle of the night and it wakened me up and made me frightened, so I asked my MH for a cuddle. Now, as she was sound asleep, I had to ask a couple of times, but I have found that a wee lick on her nose always does the trick, and it did again, so I cosied in beside her and I was all right again and not frightened, but it was funny---but not funny ha ha, you understand.

However, by the time it was the 'real' time to get up, I was fine and after my breakfast and the last of the milk in my MH's cereal bowl, I was off into the fields and the long grass to see what news there was from all my animal friends. They were all quite well, but Mr. Bull was in a bad mood again and was making a terrible noise, so I stayed well away from him. I do not know what is wrong with him. He groans if he is on his own and now he is groaning--VERY loudly--and the field is full of lady cows and baby cows so he has plenty of company. If I was brave enough I would ask him, but I'm not!

This was the pattern for most of my day although I did have a wee sleep high up on my shelf above the printer when my MH was writing a letter. I like it up there and my humans said I looked just like an ornament. But I am MUCH more adorabler than an ornament. Sure I am?

I was just a tiny bit cheeky this afternoon, but I didn't get into any trouble for it. My friend M. came to see my humans today and he was sitting in his usual chair at the window and I was outside. Now, M. doesn't really like puss cats. Not just me --well, how could you NOT like me?---but he doesn't like any puss cats and so sometimes I torment him a little bit, and I did that today. He was sitting with his back to the window so that he didn't see me coming in and I walked very quietly along the window sill and then jumped onto his shoulder! Oh it was funny,---and definitely funny ha ha this time!-- but my MH isn't sure if she will ever get his coffee off the ceiling!

Oh, my dear friends, every time I think about it, I laugh until the tears are rolling down my adorable little cheeks. Brilliant. Just brilliant!

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