Sunday, 23 August 2015

Super Sunday

As you know, Sunday is usually a very lazy day in the Squeak household and today was no exception. My humans like to do very little on a Sunday and that leaves them lots and lots of time for the most important part of this family. ME!

I was a little bit tired today as I had been out very late last night and when I did come home, both my humans were sound asleep. Well, my dear old MH was asleep till I gently landed on her chest purring as loudly as I could to let her know I was back and was just a tad starving! And you all know the rest, don't you? Do you think I am a spoiled puss? I know I am, but I am so worth it.

So today I was quite happy just to lie beside my MH or on her knee as she did all the wee things she had to do but every now and then,she would have a wee wander into the garden and I went with her and had a play in the grass as she watched me. She had thought that she might clean all the outside of the windows, but it was a bit too windy for her, so she told me that we might do them tomorrow. I like when she does them 'cos it means she is outside with me for a long time and of course, she talks to me all the time and I like that.

I got a surprise today when my MH got a message from my friend B. who told us that she wanted to paint me, and my MH said that was OK. Now, I was a tad upset at this idea 'cos I like being black and white and I thought my MH liked me being that colour too and now she wanted me to be painted a different colour! But then she explained. I can be a little silly-billy at times, but now I know that going to make a picture of me.

Maybe I will become a famous puss. Well, famouser that I already am! Hee hee

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  1. Another great picture. If I get a picture painted, I will put it on my blog for you. I have some paintings to do first so it may be a while. Did I tell you that you remind me of a wonderful puss that we had long ago. Her name was's a long story.