Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sunday Again

But a wet Sunday I'm afraid. When we got up this morning I looked at my window and all I could see was rain running down so I knew it would be an inside day for us. The rain didn't stay on all the time so I did manage out to play a couple of times but to be honest, I was just as happy inside with my humans who weren't doing very much so they had lots of time for me.

And in the afternoon, I got a great big surprise when my two friends J. and A. came in to see me and that made me very happy. I saw A. a wee while ago when we were looking after one another while my humans were on their holidays, but I haven't seen J. for a long, long time 'cos he doesn't live on my little island now, but just comes to visit his humans. They both decided that they need to see me so in they came and J. told me he now had two pussy cats and he said of you rolled them up together and made a new puss, it would look like me! Perfect!

I have had my dinner, and a wee quick run round my garden, but as it is raining again, I have decided to have a rest on my couch and maybe I will go out again before bedtime.

But only if this awful rain goes off.Please go away rain!

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