Tuesday, 9 August 2016


My day has been much better 'cos there was less wind and not much rain at all so I was able to get outside as much as I wanted. It is a wee bit cooler than I would like but that didn't stop me running through the grass lots of times.

As well as getting lots of fresh air and exercise, I also had lots of snoozes and one time my MH lied down on the bed beside me and the next thing we were both snoring and my DH had to come and see where we were, but he just left us snoring! I only know this 'cos he told my MH when finally she wakened up and they both had a giggle. I liked it lots.

I don't have a lot of news because things have been very quite just now but I am happy just doing lots of puss cat things and this afternoon I sat on my MH's knee and we watched Andy winning his tennis match again.

We are watching lots of sports just now but I haven't seen anything that I would like to do. I will just keep watching!

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