Wednesday, 31 August 2016


My MH has been talking to me ALL day! I like it it when she talks to me. You know that, don't you? BUT! I also need a wee bit peace and quiet and I'm afraid I wasn't getting that today. I know she was being kind and making up for neglecting me yesterday, but oh dear, my adorable little lugs were getting a wee bit sore, and I was forced to head out into the fields to find a quiet spot for a while. Hee hee

My DH nipped away to the Cat Shop and we sat for a while talking about what we were going to do and my MH said she needed to do the housework that didn't get done yesterday so I knew the vacuum cleaner would be making an appearance at some time, but then she told me she was going to change the sheets and duvet covers again and right away I offered my assistance 'cos I just love helping her when she does that and I had brilliant fun as usual.

I hid in the pillow cases and inspected the inside of the duvet covers and I got tickled and cuddled lots of times and I liked that lots, but it was when we were finished doing that, that I decided to head out into the great outdoors and I stayed there for a long time until it was time for me to wander back to see what the old dear was up to.

I am having my snooze now but I know I shall be heading out later. What I have noticed is that it is getting darker much earlier now, but I quite like the dark so I shall be quite happy playing outside until very late.

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