Monday, 29 August 2016

Just Normal

That's what my Monday has been but I like normal. My DH nipped away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop and me and the Boss had a chat about what we would do with our Monday although I sort of knew it would involve the duster and the vacuum cleaner and I was right.

The weather was fine so I was able to nip in and out as I pleased and because I have perfect hearing or 'ear-sight' as my MH says hee hee I only nipped in when the hoover noise had stopped 'cos I knew there would be a cuddle for me.

My MH didn't come out too much today but for a while she left the door open so I could watch her as I lay on my path and that made me happy. I even had a wee alfresco purr!

In the afternoon I did some resting and some posing for her as she tooked some pictures for you. I had a snooze beside my soft toys and I was very comfortable but then I thought you might like to see my two very favourite toys. One in the big blue hippo and the other one is my MH's teddy bear which she got over fifty years ago and he still growls!

As you can see, there isn't very much room for me to rest up there and between you and me and I am much more comfortable on one of my beds!

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