Sunday, 28 August 2016

Lazy Day

We have all had a very good day today and again the weather was just to my liking with no wind and some warm sunshine. Purr-fect weather for an adorable little puss to get out to play. I have hardly been inside the whole day. Just a couple of wee trips in to make sure my MH was fine. And she was.

She was having a resting day 'cos she was a bit tired with all her grass cutting yesterday but she did wander out to the garden a couple of times to see me which made me happy. My DH was outside a lot because he was strimming all the edges of the grass to tidy the whole garden after the old dear had run round with her mower and that made her very happy---and that means good news for me and him!

I have just wandered and explored and rested in the heat and I have had a very good Sunday. I hope your Sunday has been a good one too.

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