Friday, 5 August 2016

Not Much News

I have done lots today but I can't tell you 'cos my MH was away out with our friends S. and M. and I was left in charge of my house and my DH and although I say it myself, I did a very good job. My DH told the Boss when she came home that I had been a very good puss, so I got a special cuddle from her.

It was a very fine day so my DH had lots to do outside and so that meant that I could be outside while I was watching him and I did lots of hunting and sniffing which I love, but the bestest bit was when I could just lie on my path being lovely and warm and watching the birdies flying high up in the sky.

I lay there for a long time until I saw the little kangaroo coming up the road bringing my MH back to me and as soon as it stopped, I bounded across the garden to meet her and she lifted me up and cuddled me tight and I loved it.

So I have had a very good day.

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