Thursday, 18 August 2016


It has been an OK day today weather-wise, but not as warm and sunny as yesterday and I was a little upset, but then I decided to be happy again and nipped out into the fields and it was then that I got a great big surprise 'cos the nice farmer man had put some of his cows in the field and that meant that I would have lots of company when I go out again tonight. Whoopee!! I can hardly wait.

My day turned out much better that I had first thought and I played for a long time in some of my favourite places and then I helped my DH in our greenhouse. It is great being able to escape there when my MH is running round my house behind the vacuum cleaner and there is a comfortable chair there for me too so I can have a rest while I am purring to my tomatoes. My MH is very pleased with the ones that we have been bringing into her, and there are still lots more nearly ready, so I think I will need to go into the greenhouse a bit more often to help them get bigger and redder.

I will be doing that a lot next week 'cos my MH has just told me that she is going away to leave me next week. She told be that it is fifty years since she becomed a teacher and there is a big reunion in Glasgow next Thursday, so she asked me if it was OK if she went and although it made me a bit sad, I said 'of course'

I couldn't say anything else now, could I?

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