Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Still Brilliant

I don't know what my little weather man has done, but he has given me some absolutely brilliant weather.
It has been hot and sunny with just a little wind----Squeak Mathieson,Graemsay, News at Ten!! Hee hee

I have been outside the whole day and it has been simply wonderful.My DH went away to the Cat Shop and although he loves going, I think he wanted to stay here with me and my MH and be outside in all the warm rather in the shop, but he went anyway, and me and my MH had a wee blether about what our day would be like.

She decided that it was the day for cutting the grass, so I took up my position on my bench and just watched her until she was finished and then I got a big cuddle. I am having a snooze now 'cos I know I will be going out in a wee while and I will stay out till it is very late.

You know we have lovely sunsets just outside my window and this is a picture that was taken last night when the nice farmer man next door was gathering in some of his hay. I made sure I didn't go into the field 'cos I didn't want to end up in a big bale. That would not be very good at all, would it?

The next picture is of some of my little birdie friends asking me to tell my DH to bring them out some food. I did, and he did, so the little birdies are full up now. I think they like coming to my garden 'cos there is always something for them to eat and they can see me too. Perfect, is it not?

And this is me and some of my MH's soft toys. They are lovely but I told her if she gets any more, there won't be room for me on the bed. I am sure she will listen---if not I know how to kick them on to the floor. Don't tell her, but I have done it before and she doesn't suspect a thing!

Sometimes I wonder about her! :-))

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  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures. The sunset one is beautiful. How lucky you are to see it. You look very spiffy Squeak as you pose with the toys. I have some stuffed toys too, so many I had to give some away. Glad you had such a good day.