Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Still Misty

Our weather isn't changing very much at all just now and my little island is wet and misty, but does it keep this intrepid little pussycat in? No, indeed it does not! I must admit I have become a bit of a 'door ditherer' and it drives my MH dippy, although she never gets cross . Well, I just wouldn't let her! Hee hee.

I usually have a look outside and think that I might head out so I ask if the door can be opened for me and my MH heads that way with me still sitting inside looking out and thinking. Now, sometimes I take a long time thinking and she closes the door again. I have another wee look and this time I wander closer to the door and she tries again, but I still don't go out and the door gets closed again. When I try for the third time, I KNOW that I have to go out or it might be the soup pot!

I don't have much news for you 'cos it is very quiet on my little island just now and most of the birdies are away on their holidays and the nice farmer man next door has put his cows and sheeps in another field that isn't near my house, so it is a bit lonely for me when I go out, but I know that as soon as I go home, my humans will play with me or let me sit with them while they stroke my adorable little lugs and that makes me very happy again.

So I don't really mind if it is not too nice outside 'cos it is always lovely inside my house!

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