Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What a Day

I have had a crackin' day. The weather has been glorious so I have been outside the en-tire day and loving every single magic second of it.

I was just a wee bit upset when my MH went away in her little car this morning, but she was back just two hours later.She had to go to Stromness to get her hair cut but she comed back to me as quickly as she could and I was very happy then. I gave her a wee purr and then I disappeared outside again, but she didn't mind at all and even comed outside to see me.

My DH has been outside nearly all day too, so I have company whenever I want it, but I have found a very special hiding place where I can go and just be all alone whenever I want to and it's not too far away from my house so I can be home in the wink of this adorable little eye!

I think I might be staying out very late tonight 'cos it is just simply a beautiful night and too good for this adorable little puss to be in the house. I shall tell you tomorrow.

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