Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Discovery

I have made a ginormous discovery today. And here it is. It is very tiring being adorable!
I shall let you digest that for a second or two, but it is what I have found out today. I have had a very good day, although through the night time, I was not a very pleased little puss and I shall explain that too.

My DH got up early in the middle of this night and I got up with him expecting a wee biscuit for my troubles and do you now what he did? He went back to bed and ignored me! Even when I yowled at him he still didn't do anything and I was not happy at all. When I told my MH she said he was probably still asleep, and methinks she is probably right. But that doesn't make me any happier with him and he will need to do a lot to make up for all my heartache! Hee hee

My day did get better and I was out playing quite a lot. I think I am getting used to the cold 'cos I was able to stay out a while longer before scooting home for a cuddle, and it was then that I found out how tiring it was being adored 'cos we had two visitors who came over to see me and my MH.

The first visitors was our friend M. who I hadn't seen for a long time and she thought I was looking wonderful. I did not disagree. The next visitor was my very bestest friend S. and we had a long blether and a cuddle and I liked that lots and lots.

After all that adoration I discovered that I was a tad sleepy so I am now having a snooze on my chair but I might wander over to cuddle up beside the old dear. I know she likes that and she gets very lonely without me beside her.

So, that has been my day. I hope yours has been a good day too.

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