Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Very Good Day

We have all had a super, duper day and I have been a very happy Squeak. For some reason, known only to her dear little self, my MH played with all our clocks again and we were all up an hour too early. I was surprised that the old boy didn't complain, but he just accepted what she had done. Sometimes I do not understand my humans at all!

I didn't mind being up early 'cos my little weather man friend had sended me some good weather and so as soon as my adorable little tummy was filled I was straight out of the window and into my garden and it was just lovely. I was able to wander about nice and slowly and have a wee listen to the birdies chirping at me and I liked that. There are lots of starlings that come into my garden to get a feed and today I saw two pigeons as well. They must have been hungry, so I didn't chase them away 'cos I am a very good puss.

I sat lots of times with my MH but I got a great big surprise when she comed outside with her basin of water and her cloths and I thought she was going to wash our windows again, but I was wrong. She washed her little kangaroo and I helped her and we both had brilliant fun. In fact I was inside her little car for the first time ever today and it was quite nice. She had left all the doors open, so I nipped in for a nosey and a sniff and she was quite happy about that.

I nearly had a little accident though and if I told you that she was using the hose to scoot cold water on her car, maybe you can guess what nearly happened? Yes, I nearly got a bath! She had put the hose down on the grass and just as I went to have a sniff at it, she switched it on 'cos she wasn't looking at me and the water scooshed out and just missed me. Phew!

I have never had a bath and that is how I intend to keep it! I shall have to keep my eye on her in future--just in case she tries that again! :-))

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