Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Still Quiet

It was quite a fine morning when we all wakened up and the first thing I noticed was that our alarm went off which means that at least one of my humans is going away to leave me, so I knew I had to have a quick look outside before boat time.

I finished my breakfast and went into my garden but it was so cold that I comed back in again very quickly and got a warm-me-up cuddle which always makes getting cold worth it. I sat very patiently and watched as my humans put all their things in the car and then they both went away and I was a bit sad and thought 'hey ho a lonely day'. I sat on my window sill for a while and then decided to have a snooze and I was somewhere in the middle of this when I heard my door opening and I was delighted to see that it was my MH back again. Yippee!

To be honest, if I had thought a wee bit, I would have known that as she tooked her guitar with her, she was probably just going to the Hall and I would have been right. The minister was here and she had to go and play her guitar but just for a little time and then she was back to me.

We had a lazy afternoon but she didn't go to her gym 'cos she has a little cold and didn't feel like doing any exercises so she just cuddled up with me on my couch and I made her feel lots better.

I am such a good puss, am I not?

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