Thursday, 9 March 2017


I have had a good day. I have been a bit lazy again but a few times I asked my MH to play with me and when we went into the bedroom, I snuggled under my blanket to play hide and Squeak and she founded me and tickled me and it was just brilliant, so I asked her to do it lots of times, and of course, she did.

I was in the middle of one of my little snoozes when I heard my DH coming in with some boxes and I remembered that it was string day, so I shot through to the kitchen and he played with me and the string which was great. I do like string days.

I haven't been out very much because it is still cold, but I am quite happy in my house and I do go outside to get some fresh air and have a wee run round my garden, but I am looking forward to the warmer days when I can spend lots of times outside and when my humans will be out with me too.

That is the very best of times and I can't wait.

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