Monday, 20 March 2017

What a Day

I wakened up this morning all excited and looking forward to getting out to play and when I looked out of the window I was so disappointed to see that it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale. The sea was filled with white horses and this adorable little puss knew that she wouldn't be going anywhere! Boo

I sat beside my MH and we had a long chat and she told me not to worry about the rotten weather 'cos she would keep me happy and entertained and then I was happy again. I knew it was house working day but I knew too that she would come and find me and cuddle me whenever I wanted her to so I was sure I would have a good day anyway.

It is now after dinner time and I still haven't been out. I have been as far as the window sill beside the open window, but I wouldn't go out into the awful weather. I have been as far as the open door, but I got blowed back into my kitchen. There might just be the tiniest exaggeration there, but I wasn't going out anyway.

It is still raining but not just as windy, so maybe I will wander out before my sleeping all night time. I will give that some serious consideration.

I have had a good day though, with lots of cuddles and I have been happy so I am not really complaining. Well, not very much anyway! Hee hee


  1. Sounds like your weather was our weather. It's spring, but it doesn't feel like it. Aslan sends his regards, and hopes you have a good day soon.

  2. Hello Bonnie. It is very cold here and not like Spring at all but the snow didn't come to see me and I was a we bit sad. Maybe tomorrow? I still had a good day.Please give Aslan a big purr from me and there is a special one for you too. Purr, purr!